Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Boys Around the World

The pictures from Carly in Australia were very touching (you can see these in an older post) but the newest pictures I got mean even more. Sara is a person I met on one of the online support groups. She is great. She lost her little Callia on September 30th of this year. Just 24 days after the boys...I wonder if Joshua and Caleb met her in Heaven. Anyway, she is currently living in Florida and went to Cocoa Cocoa Beach for Callia's original due date. While she was there she made a special gift for me and some of the other mommies. She put the boys' names in the sand. Sara also gave me an idea. I think I will see how many beaches I can get Joshua and Caleb's names written on. I will just see my boys all over the world. They will have traveled more than I have :-) Here are the pictures Sara sent me:

Aren't they beautiful? Thank you Sara for this beautiful gift and for thinking of my boys! You are a very special person!!!

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Derek & Rebecca Loewen said...

Bev, I think we may have met once, but when we noticed you guys were following our blog, I decided to check yours out too. (I know we are related from a distance, and I knew you had created this blog in memory of Joshua & Caleb, but I wasn't sure I was ready to look at it yet. Your tender story about your precious boys that are with Jesus just reminded me about how good our God is, even when we don't understand what He is doing in our lives. I would love to chat with you more soon...PLEASE PM me @ derekandrebecca@gmail.com. We have been praying for your family! Rebecca Loewen