Monday, December 22, 2008

A Visit with My Boys

I went to visit my boys at the cemetery today. I've had a little Christmas tree I wanted to put out there for a while but I wanted to finish their stocking before I made the trip. The stocking took longer than I expected. Good thing my boys are safe in God's hands because I feel like I've been neglecting them.

Wayne and I had lunch at Ben's barn and then I still had a little sewing to do before I could hang their stocking. I drove over to the cemetery and sat in the truck in front of their grave while I finished sewing. I guess it was kind of our time together. I would have rather sat on the ground with them but it was BITTER cold here today.

They got a new neighbor. I am so sad every time I see new grave at the cemetery. I just know there is a heartbroken family behind each of the graves and all I can do is pray that those that went ahead of them are with Jesus. The grave that is now next to the boys...or as close as anyone better get to their grave (we have the four plots next to them for Wayne, me, mom, and dad), was beautiful. They have the most beautiful evergreen decorations on it (you'll see a pic of the evergreen cross below). I know there is a lot of love for Mary Ann Brown here.
Here are some pics of the boys grave as it stands today...

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Lora said...

Great job on the stocking! Thank you for posting these pictures and your thoughts.

Ryan and I were terribly sad to hear of your loss. I can't imagine your pain. I looked at the pictures, and your boys were gorgeous. Keep posting, I'm sure it helps to share those feelings.