Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Decorations

So decorating for Christmas was WAY behind in my house this year. I have been so busy (yes I know I'm not working but I'm still very's just a more fun busy); or at least busy is the reason I've given myself. Perhaps there is a part of me that just wasn't as into it as I have been in the past. Things are just SO much different than I expected they were going to be this Christmas. It is a little bit hard to get into the same merry mood that everyone else is in when you are missing the only children you've ever had.

This Christmas was supposed to be a fun one possibly with babies already here...and if there weren't babies here already it should have been a miserable one but a different kind of miserable. Miserable in the sense that I should have been ginormous with two beautiful baby boys inside me. I shouldn't be sleeping at night due to the constant kicking of my two little boys that were already fighting in the womb. God had other plans for us. I will never pretend to understand His plan but I will choose to accept it. There is a reason my boys aren't with me either in my arms or in my belly. I have learned so much from my boys and I never even got to hear them cry.

With all that said, my Christmas decorating this year is a little lax. I usually start bugging Wayne to take me to the tree farm in Danville the day after Thanksgiving. As of a week ago we still didn't have a tree. I knew we had a small Christmas gathering with our friends that was to be at our house so I thought it only right that we come up with some sort of a tree. So two days before our little Christmas party we went out on a tree hunt. We didn't go through the whole rigmarole at the tree farm though. Instead we went to Menards and bought a live tree. It only stands about 5' tall if that but it is full and very cute. The best only cost us $9.03. It was on sale...I guess because who in their right mind waits this long to buy a tree. I don't know but somehow it seemed very fitting. It only took two strands of lights to cover it. I didn't get all of our ornaments out this year. Instead I hung all of the ornaments that I have for my boys and a few others more as fillers for the tree because it did look a little bare. I am really glad we have a tree now. It does make things seem a little more "Christmasy".

The only other decorating I did was a product of Wayne's Christmas gift to me. He got me an old sewing machine...the kind that folds into a table. Those of you that know me best are probably laughing right now imaging me sewing but I'm totally into it. I'm terrible at it but I'm loving it!!! I've been working on two for each of the boys. I finally got those done and I guess then I gave myself permission to do the whole tree thing after that. You'll find pictures of my best attempt at stockings below, along with pictures of our tree.

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Summer & Brandon said...

Oh my! Bev, the stockings are beautiful! You did an excellent job. God bless you and I hope you are able to find some peace today. Our boys are celebrating Christmas in the most beautiful place. Love, Summer