Friday, May 27, 2011

Same Daddy?

We had Ty's 2 month well baby visit yesterday.  My mom went with me to help corral Case... I'm thinking there should be a state law requiring a ratio of 2:1, adults to Case.  He's a handful and seems to be even more so at the doctor's office.  While there he learned to say "Oh no!" and then continued yelling it throughout pretty much the entire visit.  Dr. Freeman said, "I think it's funny but I'm guessing you guys won't agree by this evening".  Agreed!  It is funny how dramatic he sounds when he says it though.

So after we survived the visit to the office Ty was starving... I guess shots will do that to you.  We were sitting in the foyer area of the building and I was feeding Ty, while my mom was bouncing around like a pinball chasing after Case.  This lady came up and couldn't say enough about how beautiful she thought Ty was.  She asked if he was my first and I explained that the crazy kid training for a future in track was mine too.  Then she told me how handsome he was too followed by a comment about how different they look.  Next she said, "Same Daddy?"  I started laughing... who asks that???  I said well I guess you do have to ask that these days but yes, believe it or not they do share the same daddy!  Oh the fun comments and questions you get from complete strangers when you have little ones.  I'm always entertained!

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Mandee said...

I know...CRAZY! I ALWAYS get people asking me that because Jack has such white blond hair and is so fair and then Graham has an olive tint to him with dark hair. Next time I think I'm going to reply with, "My husband thinks so..." LOL!