Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mom and me
Today is the day I get to celebrate someone who has always been there for me.  When I say always I mean ALWAYS... through every stupid decision, through every tear, through every smile, through every job, through every dumb boy, through every bad grade (yep... there were a few), through every sport (I don't think she ever missed a game), through every birthday (well all except that one... other than that she has a perfect record:-).  Today I celebrate my mom.  

She really is the world's greatest mom and grandma.  She's given me the best Mother's Day gift ever besides that of loving my children and me... the gift of sleep.  Since Ty was born she has stayed at least once each week at my house to take the night feedings so that Wayne and I can sleep.  AMAZING!!!  She even woke up this morning (probably a couple of times), her Mother's Day, to Ty... why?  Because she loves me and she loves my children and she wants them to grow up knowing her and they do (well as much as Ty can know anyone at this point).  She knows my children as much as I do and I think she loves them as much too (if that is possible:-).  

This is my mom...
Always there to pick us up when we fall down and trust me we fall A LOT!

Always there to help us no matter what the chore

Always there to comfort us when we don't feel good

Always there to make room for one more

Always there to make sure we don't feel left out

Always there to laugh at our jokes (even when they are about her)

Always there to remind us to be more loving

Always there to be interested in whatever excites us

Always there to make us feel safe

Always there to fill the seat next to us... even when it's a toddler swing!

Case loves his Grandma SO much.  He absolutely lights up when he hears her voice on the phone or sees her walk into the room.  She is for certain one of his favorite people!  She goes out of her way to make sure that she visits Case and Ty at least every couple of days and if she goes any longer I'm pretty sure her and Case (and soon enough Ty) both get the shakes.  Not to mention her (at least) weekly sleepovers so that she can have some Ty time (and I can sleep all night).  

Here's a glimpse at Case waiting for Grandma to return from a long cruise... the longest they had ever been away from one another...
(I know I've shared these before but I think they truly display the love Case and Grandma share so I am sharing them again... it's my blog... I can repeat if I want to:-)
Waiting for Grandma... sign in hand
Watching for Grandma on the escalator

There she is!
Finally home!
Mom, I can't begin to thank you for all that you do for me!  Thank you for being my example... for teaching me how to show my children they are loved.  You are an amazing woman and I am so grateful that God has blessed me with you!
Happy Mothers Day!


Stephanie said...

Oh, Bev! This is so sweet! It made me tear up! You are so blessed to have a mom like that! <3Happy Mothers Day!!!

Summer said...

I'm crying now. I've never met your mom, but I can tell she is an amazing woman who raised a wonderful daughter. Love ya!