Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grandmother's Day Gift

Case loves his Grandma SO much that he painted her a picture for Mother's Day.

This was Case's first experience with a paintbrush and paint.  He did really well!

After the first stroke or two he thought maybe that paintbrush was the equivalent of a spoon so he started to take a bite but after stopping him once he didn't do it again.  I was really impressed that he would dip the brush and keep it (mostly) on the canvas.  He even told me when he wanted to switch colors... granted this was in the form of whining at the top of his lungs until I chose the color he wanted but he told me nonetheless!

Case's first masterpiece... look out Picasso!
Grandma with her two grandbabies on Mother's Day...
Case's shirt:  I love grandma   Ty's shirt:  me too!

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Summer said...

So very sweet! I love seeing the boys together. Case looks like an amazing big brother.