Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ty's Birth Story in Pictures

Ty's birth story isn't nearly as exciting as Case's was.  A scheduled c-section will do that to a birth story.  The good news I didn't have to spend hours in labor only to end up with a c-section this time.  Instead we knew the date and we knew the time.  We had to be at the hospital on Thursday, 3/17/11 at 5:30 AM (haven't been up that early in a while).  St. Patrick's Day!

Shortly after we got there Marlena showed up.  Marlena probably deserves a post of her own because she is that special to us.  She is the nurse that stayed with us when we had Joshua and Caleb, she was there for Case's birth, and she wouldn't have missed Ty's birth either.  She actually had to switch days with another nurse in order to be there with us this time around.  Mar is my nurse.  I wish I could have brought her home with me!
My C-Section Crew
Mom, Bobbi, Wayne, Mar
This is the same crew that was with me when Case was born and when Joshua and Caleb were born.  I can't express my gratitude for the rules that were bent to make sure that they could all be there for Ty's birth as well!
Dr. Fenoughty has brought all of my boys into this world!
She is the best OB ever!  Ty was born at 7:52 AM.

Mar and Amiee (a high school friend and also a nurse)
decorated my room... LOVE THEM!

Ty weighed in at 8 pounds 1.5 ounces
(7.5 ounces bigger than Case)
My first view of Ty 
They forgot to show Ty to me right after they pulled him out.  I heard him cry so I knew he was fine but I spent the next 15 minutes (felt more like and hour) straining my neck to see him in the warmer.  My first question... does he have hair?  For those of you that know me well I was a little concerned to have a baby with this huge head full of black hair.  Their answer was "Yes, he has a lot of dark hair!"  I'm not going to lie... I was a little worried to see him.  Of course I thought he was just perfect though and he doesn't have TOO much hair but definitely WAY more than Case did and it is so dark.  What little bit Case had was blonde.  I'm telling you if they had put Ty in a line up and told me to guess which baby was mine I wouldn't have picked Ty.  I guess I just expected him to come out looking just like Case.  He's perfect though!

The three of us

He pretty much came out sucking on his fingers although
he's beginning to replace them with the paci now.

I just thought this one was funny:-)

Case meeting Ty for the very first time
I can't explain how it melts my heart to see Case and Ty together.  I was so shocked at how Case automatically loved on Ty and was so gentle.  I have no idea how he knew to be like that but I think he must have just been ready to be a big brother.

Ty got Case his very own MP3 Player
and it has been a BIG hit!

Case loving on Ty
He does this randomly all day long

Just a "Wee-Bit Irish"


Mommy and Ty

Grandma, and Case loving on Ty
I've said it before and I'll say it again... I have NO idea how people get through this part without family nearby to help.  My parents kept Case while we were in the hospital.  They even stayed at our house so that his routine wouldn't be too interrupted.  As if Case wasn't super attached to Grandma before he is VERY attached to Grandma now!  My parents made sure Case came to the hospital everyday so that I could see him.  They knew how hard it was for me to be away from him for that long.  Did I mention how HUGE Case looked to me when he got to the hospital for the first time.   He walked in with his jeans and ball cap like he owned the place and I think he might have grown about 5 inches from the time I put him to bed the night before to that moment that he walked into my room.  He just looked SO big... I have mixed feelings about this!
Ty and Mar
Mar made sure Ty got LOTS of snuggle
time and that Mommy got lots of good
sleep.  She is the BEST!!!

Ty holding Daddy's hand

The support from family and friends totally overwhelms me!

Mar driving us to our car to go home
Sidenote... I think it is SO funny that they MAKE you leave in a wheelchair however they wanted me up walking around and even let me walk outside for a few minutes of fresh air.  Too funny!

Mar and me :)

Ty's first car ride, well his first car ride on the outside:)

Ty's first ride in his swing

Ty's first nap at home
I continue to live each moment in awe of the blessings God has given to Wayne and me.  I might not be good at this beginning part but it is still very easy to be grateful for every moment God has given us!  I can't help but be overwhelmed by the two healthy boys that we have gotten to bring home and by the fact that God chose ME to be their mommy!  I continue to pray each day that He will guide me in this responsibility!

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