Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Envelope Please

It is time to share the contents of the envelope.  We opened it on our first night of vacation at a restaurant called Marlin Monroe's.  We all guessed what it was before we opened it and oddly enough all the guys said it was a boy and all the ladies said it was a girl.  

The envelope please...
Isn't Brandi, our ultrasound technician, great?!?!  This is what was inside the envelope.  I love her!  She makes everything so much fun!!!  Wayne wanted another boy and I just totally didn't care one way or another.  I think grandma was a little disappointed that her visions of cute pink dresses quickly became visions of mud and worms but she's happy too.  It was so much fun to find out this way.  The suspense was hilarious, especially with mom and Wayne.  So I guess we can't call it she or Dot anymore so meet Dotson (cleverly named by my dad).  We don't have any final names picked out but Dotson will do for now, at least it shouldn't give him a complex :-)  

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