Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ty - 7 Months

Now's probably a good time to discuss your hair issues!  I have NO idea what to do with it!

Ty and Case at 30 weeks... if ever there was a day
when I thought you looked alike that day is gone!
Dear Ty,
You are 214 days old (make that 217 days old... Mommy is slow to post... again)!  I can't believe we've reached the 7 month mark already.  It feels like I just finished your 6 month post... probably because I did since I was so late with it (too).

You continue to be so much fun.  You are still my laid back little man.  You seem to just roll with the punches still.  I guess that's because you've always had this "demanding" older brother (no Case this doesn't mean I love you any less it just means you are almost two and living up to everything they say about the "terrible two's").

Mommy's been wanting to talk to you about this.  I need more of it!  Your sleep is maybe a little better now.  I don't always have to go in or send Daddy in to get you readjusted anymore so that's good but you are still waking up really early to eat.  Usually between 5 and 6.  This just ain't ok!  The good news is that you usually are happy to go back to your crib after eating and you usually fall back to sleep but I'd really love it if you would maybe consider just sleeping until 7 or 8 or maybe you and your brother could team up and sleep until say 10!  That would be amazing :-)  I still enjoy our snuggle time early in the morning even though I am usually nodding off during it.

You are starting to eat a little better sometimes.  You still haven't gone past the 6 ounce mark but there are times you'll actually finish it now when you aren't sleeping.  The norm is still that you don't though if you are awake.  We pretty much tried almost all the level one foods.  You are still anti-anything green.  You don't seem to love peaches either... weird.  You will only eat real food once, maybe twice, each day, although I try three times.  We've gone to level 2 foods now and you'll eat carrots, sweet potatoes, pears, squash (sometimes), apples, and bananas.  I guess it's time to start venturing out a little further into the level 2 world.

Clothes:  You're pretty comfy in 12 month sizes right now.  Your pajamas are almost all 18 month sizes though... probably not because you need 18 month sizes yet but because I only have one pair of 12 month pajamas.  I can't really explain this because your brother did in fact wear 12 month sizes at some point but I guess I just skipped straight to 18 months for him because I'm cheap and knew he'd eventually need 18 month jammies... I'm guessing even if you are old enough to read this that doesn't come as a big surprise to you.

Toys:  You love to jump in the jumperoo and play in the exersaucer still... not really sure what people did with their kids before these were an option.  You also like to just sit in the middle of the floor and be surrounded in toys.  When you are on the floor you always look for anything that is too small for you to play with, i.e. lint, crumbs, string... etc.  You are quite the cleaning critic!  Your brother is still your favorite toy though!  You absolutely light up anytime he looks your way.

Case is always eager to feed you... you don't seem to mind.

Case also loves to use you as a pillow and you also don't 
mind that.  You just love when he's close and the fact that
he has something to eat in his hand didn't hurt things either!

I post this picture more so that you can tease your brother... 
check out his boots and pajamas ensemble!  

New Things:
This has been a big month in the "new things" department!  You are starting to babble using lots of new sounds.  Daddy likes to point out the da da da sound you love to make.  If only he spoke baby he would know that da da da in baby talk actually translates to Mommy.  We can't expect him to know everything I guess:)

You are officially mobile... not fast... but mobile nonetheless (update... it is two days later and I haven't gotten this posted yet... you are much faster already!).  You sort of look like a wounded solider but if you see something you want you get there.  You usually scream the whole way but that stops as soon as you get your hands on whatever it is you are after.  I think you are pretty close to pulling yourself up too.  It won't be long but you aren't quite there.  I'm predicting that will be part of next month's post.

You had your first haircut on October 3rd (I'm sure there will be a blog post about this if I ever get my act together).  You'll notice in the pictures above that a haircut didn't really help things.  It was getting really long around your ears and neck though so it needed to be done.  I just don't know what to do with it now that it stands straight up on your head and not in a cute "fohawk" sort of way.  I'm probably going to need to break out the gel I guess.

You also have a tooth coming in!  You are getting your bottom front right tooth and the one to the left isn't far behind it.  I wouldn't say you've been particularly fussy but it probably does explain a few otherwise explainable outbursts.

This has been a big month for you.  I didn't realize how big until I wrote it all down.  I can't believe we are already talking about teeth and crawling!

I love you so much little man!  I hope that there is never a day where you question that.  I will cover you in hugs in kisses everyday that you'll let me just to make sure :-)  Thank you for being such a fun little boy and for being so eager to flash that perfect smile!  You have no idea how much happiness you and your brother bring me every single day!


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