Friday, October 14, 2011

Indiana State Fair

I'm a little behind (yes, I know this is putting it mildly).  The fair was in August and it is now mid October and I am just getting to this post.  It was just such a big day for Case I decided I couldn't let this one go by without having these memories written down.

Ty on his first cow ride :)

Case on what I'm almost certain was the fastest 
and quite possibly the longest carousel ride ever.

Case with Grandma on his first real fair ride

Case and Grandma... I love this picture!

Case meeting his first "carnie"... that's probably not
the most appropriate or preferred term but I don't know
her name so I wasn't sure what else to call her.  She
was super nice took extra time to make sure he wasn't

Ty was a little upset that no one brought him 
anything from the Dairy Bar

Why yes, my son did go down this giant
slide (with Daddy) and he LOVED it!

Look at that face!

coolest dad ever!

Take two on the slide.  Case couldn't stop at one!

I know it's blurry but could he possibly be happier?

Sidenote on the giant slide.  When I think of the state fair back, WAY back, in the day when I was a kid the giant slide is what I think of.  I can totally remember going down this slide (yes, I realize it probably wasn't this exact same slide) sitting in that burlap sack with my dad.  It is one of those great memories that is SO easy to go back to.  I hope Case grows up with this memory too!!

Uncle Ben practicing... his day is coming 
VERY soon!

The chicks were almost enough to put Grandma's
iPhone down for... almost.

Aunt Coco, Uncle Ben and Grandpa waiting for 
Case to finish on the slide.

Check out #4... yep that's Case and Daddy on the
BIG ferris wheel...

...and yes that is my husband pulling a Michael Jackson
and practically letting my kid dangle out of the ride (yes
I'm exaggerating... a little).

Case on another ride!   He loved this!

Wayne and me... at least this self-portrait took one of 
my chins out!

Me and My Ty

Self-portrait #563... finally got all 4 of us in the picture

My mom, Case and Me
(Why do I insist on self-portraits like we didn't have 
4 other people with us that could have taken the picture?)

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