Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ty- Five Months Old

Dear My Sweet Baby Boy,
Here we are 5 months out from the day we met.  I can remember being so scared during the first couple weeks of your life.  I was devastated that I'd ruined Case's life and that I'd never love you as much as I did him.  I was wrong... on both counts.  You have brought so much joy not only to Daddy and me but also to your brother.  He loves you SO much... he can't say it yet but he sure does show it when you see his face light up because "Tybee" is awake!  And as for loving you as much as Case... I do!  I can't put into words how much I love both of you boys!  You, Case, and Daddy light up my life!

Here's a look at you... 5 months old...

Sleep:  You are doing pretty good with sleeping.  Most days I can get both of you boys napping at the same time at least for a little bit.  You go to bed around 9 and usually wake up between 5:00 and 5:30 each morning to eat.  The good news is you usually go back to sleep for another hour or so.  You can Case wake up at nearly the same time each morning.  I'm not gonna lie though... Mommy is tired and if you want to sleep for a full 12 hours each night that would be ok with me... oh and perhaps you could teach your brother this trick as well.  I really can't complain about sleep though... you've come a LONG way in 5 months!
Taking a snuggly snooze in Mommy and Daddy's bed... no,
we don't allow this very often!
You even look laid back in your sleep!
Eating:  Oh boy... eating?!?!  I still get a little frustrated in this department but I'm quickly learning to just let you guide it and I'm letting it go.  You eat close to 6 ounces at each feeding still.  Usually the full bottle at 5:30 in the morning and then your next feeding, around 9:30 you will only eat 2 or 3 ounces.  The remainder of your daytime feedings seem to be around the 4 ounce mark unless you are falling asleep and then  you are happy to finish a 6 ounce bottle.  You are truly a nighttime eater.  You might go through 14 ounces between the hours of 6 and 9.  Somehow you keep gaining weight and I sure don't look at you and question your nourishment so I am working on not worrying about how much you eat.  Some of the books say that if you watch us closely when we eat it might be a sign that you are ready for solids... well I don't think you could be more interested.  Your eyes follow every bite I take.  The doctor said you need to have started solids by 6 months but he gave us the go ahead when you were 4 months.  I'm honestly just not ready for that mess!!!  Again... I think it is time to let it go and give rice cereal a try and that way you should be pretty good at it by 6 months when we're going to expect you to try other things as well.  I wonder what kind of an eater you will be.

Clothes:  You are comfortably in 9 month clothes (I'm not sure about pants... they might be a little long yet but that hasn't been an issue since it's been about 100 degrees all summer).  You can still wear some 6 month stuff but I would say time is running out!

Play:  You have now mastered the jumperoo!  You love to sit in it and just go to town jumping up and down.
I promise you are usually much more excited in your jumperoo
than this but I didn't have good photographic evidence!
You also like your exersaucer and have become really good at walking it in circles when we leave it on the kitchen floor (it has a stationary post that you can walk around).  You just look so big in these toys!  I doesn't seem like you should be ready for all that yet but you are a pro!  You love pretty much any toy we give you at this point!  My hair continues to be one of your favorite toys as well... I would just chop it off but I'm not sure it would do much good because even when it is pulled back you manage to grab it at the root, which is WAY worse!  You also LOVE to play with Case and you just light up anytime he gets close to you!

This is your with your new buddy Michael, the next
generation of Baby Jammers!

New Things:  Rolling has become a piece of cake to you.  It is pretty much your mode of transportation at this point.  You can roll across a room no problem!  You are giggling more and more (this usually results in hiccups... I should look up the science behind this but you and I both know I'm not going to... we'll just ask Daddy).  You seem to be responding to your name or perhaps it's just our voices... either way you are all ears!  Your legs are getting stronger and stronger and you are getting close to sitting up but you aren't quite there yet.  You still never cry... this isn't really a new thing but it is definitely noteworthy.  Sometimes you fuss but it usually doesn't go much farther than that.  Your lack of tears is amazing to me!!!  I love that you are so laid back and such an easy baby!!!
Your mattress is so high that as soon as you wake up and lift
your head you start chewing on the rail... I guess I'm going to
have to invest in some rail guards when those teeth poke through.

Case sharing his toys with you... nothing like hard sharp
blocks in your bed!
You have a VERY busy tongue... it is frequently sticking out!
LOVE that big smile!!!
Waiting patiently for your brother to be done playing.
I wish I could slow time down some.  You seem to be growing up even faster than Case at your age.  I love you every second of every minute of every day Ty!  You are one of the three loves of my life!!!

Love always!

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