Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shopping Cart

Ty went on his first shopping cart ride sitting in the seat.  What a perfect place too.... Lowe's.  He loved it and looked like such a big boy!  
This was pretty much his first big trip out since his virus started over a week ago.  So the update on that... I was in communication with the doctor twice last week and both times he was saying virus.  As of yesterday (not sure about today... he is patiently waiting for me to get him out of bed right now) he still had diarrhea, which seemed pretty crazy to me because this is a kid that usually only goes every 2 or 3 days.  He also has a rash on his face and is still not sleeping great at night, although he doesn't seem quite as restless.  I took him to the doctor yesterday and he's still saying virus.  He's the doc... I need to just trust that God is giving me all the details I need and keep praying that there is nothing more to this.  He has been much happier, not totally back to himself but getting there, so that is making life a lot easier again!  

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