Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hendricks County Fair Trip

We went for a quick trip to the Hendricks County Fair last week.  I say quick because it was WAY too hot to stay for very long.  I think Ty goes into hibernation mode when it gets too hot.  He just sits so still and kind of zones out.  He's not a fan of the heat!
Does the steam in this picture capture just how hot it was?
 Case had a great time seeing the animals and just being able to walk around.  The heat didn't seem to slow him down at all; however I was so covered in sweat it looked like I had just gotten out of the shower (probably didn't smell that way though)!  I tried to volunteer to be the dunkee in the dunk tank but apparently they don't let just anyone do that!
Pointing to the goat... just in case we didn't see it :-)

Case thought that goat was hillarious!

Tails are made to be pulled, or so Case thinks.  I can't believe
that he is big enough to stand on the fence!  He is turning
into a little boy WAY too fast!

Daddy and Ty... Ty in his "zone"

Poor chicks never even saw Case coming

Case's eyes lit up like saucers as he looked
around the midway but unfortunately he
was only hitting the 35" mark and needed
to be 36" to ride.  Apparently the carnies
practice more discretion than the go-cart
operators!  Who knew?!?!
I LOVE making memories with my boys!

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