Monday, November 3, 2008

Election 2008

Wayne and I were in the car yesterday when he brought up how differently he looks at things since we lost the boys. He always thought abortion was terrible but he now has a new perspective on just how terrible it really is. He mentioned that he wished he had made a video showing people how alive our boys were at just 8 weeks and 12 weeks gestation. How they were real babies from the moment they were conceived and how God knew them even before that.

Since I'm the one with the time, I decided I would attempt this for him. We want people to know how serious and real abortion is. Obama is not going to put an end to abortion and we have a HUGE problem with that. This is a problem above all others for us. God gave us a book on how He wants us to live our's called the Bible. Abortion goes against everything inside of it. I created this video to help get the word out about this and to let people know what they are voting for.

I know the election takes place tomorrow but we are hoping it will reach some before then and continue to helps others understand abortion for what it is...murder.

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