Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Knox's Word Count

Dear Knox,
We went to your one year appointment with Dr. Freeman a couple week ago.  He asked me how many words you were saying.  Here's how that conversation went:

Dr. Freeman:  How many words is he saying?
Mommy:  I have no idea if he's saying any.  
Dr. Freeman:  Would you say 10 or 12?  
Mommy: No.  I don't know if he's even saying one. 
Dr. Freeman:  Well he says Momma and Daddy, right?
Mommy:  No.
Dr. Freeman:  What does he say when he sees you?  
Mommy:  Maybe "Hi!"
Dr. Freeman:  What about when he sees your husband?
Mommy:  "Hi!"... maybe.

So apparently you should be talking more.  It's possible that you've started to say Ma and maybe some other vague words that only you understand.  Oh and when the little old lady is whispering "hush" in Goodnight Moon you are definitely saying that!  The good news is that you understand us when we ask you where Mommy or Daddy is and you understand when I tell you to sit, probably because I tell you 531 times when you are in the bathtub.  Dr. Freeman made me think your lack of talking was okay since you seemed to understand things.  

I'm not going to lie.  I'm not encouraging any of this talking business.  You're my favorite right now because you don't talk, which means you don't argue with me.  So go ahead.  Take you time.  I'm fine with it!  But please don't ask me what your first word was because I have no idea.  I think I'm going to go with "Hi!" though because I'm pretty sure I have to document your first word somewhere.  Consider it documented.  We're going with it!

I love you and your lack of talking!  


P.S.  Here's one of my favorite videos of you.  Daddy caught this one.  It looks like you are practicing your stand up comedy routine...

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