Thursday, September 3, 2015


 So anyone that knows me, even a little, knows that I HATE my arms or can probably assume that I do.  There's a whole list of things that I don't like about myself but that's my number one.  My boys have recently discovered my arms.  Just a real high point right there.  Case calls them messy.  Awesome, right?  This is payback though.  I have the exact same arms Bubby (Grandma) had.  She wasn't a model or anything, well I take that back... she probably could have been in her day but she'd never have made it by today's standards.  Regardless of her weight though she still had "messy" arms.  I can remember standing in her kitchen playing with her arms and even harder to admit is that we frequently referred to her as Chubby Bubby as we played with her arms.  Saying "we" makes me feel better a little.  Surely I wasn't the only one of my cousins that said it, right?  So clearly I deserve the arms that I have today.  I've earned them.  

Bubby (and Poppy)

Sheer excitement when she found out I was pregnant the first
time.  Unfortunately she only met Joshua and Caleb before
she died but I'll never forget her excitement the first time!

This brings me to tonight.  Ty was in bed but he always wants me to come in and check on him.  So when I was checking on him, sitting on his bed leaning on my hand across him (not a flattering look for "messy" arms) this is the conversation I had with him...

Ty: Mommy, I didn't know girls could have wiggly arms like that.
Me:  Most girls don't but I do.  I don't like them but they're the arms I have.
Ty:  Well that's just the way God made you.
Me:  That's right.
Ty:  And if you want to be alive then you have to have those arms.

I'm sure there's a Beachbody coach, or a Fit Momma article somewhere that disagrees but I can assure you being a fat girl from way back when these arms have always been messy regardless of whether I was at my highest or lowest weight.  So I'm convinced Ty is right.  If I want to be alive then these are the arms I have.  Thanks for the reminder to be grateful Ty.  So my apologies if these bad boys take you out the next time I try to point at something while standing near you but these are the arms I have to have and I guess I'm going to just go ahead and be grateful for them.  I guess.  Well I'll try.  Okay odds are I'm still going to hate them but I'm grateful for them at the same time... that's possible, right?  

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