Monday, September 22, 2014

Knox - 2 Months

Weight: 12 pounds 8.4 ounces 59th percentile
Length:  22 inches 10th percentile
Head Circumference:  39 centimeters 48th percentile

Dear Knox,
2 months old!  You've done a LOT of growing in two months!  Mommy may not have been good at feeding you while you were still inside me but we sure are making up for it now.  You gained 3.5 pounds in one month.  You went from the 21st percentile to the 59th!  Even your head grew a lot, from 20th percentile to 48th.  You held steady at 10th percentile for your height but still grew 1.5 inches.  Good growing kiddo!  Your doctor said you look great.  He says there's no such thing as a fat baby.  If there was I'm guessing you'd be the definition of it with your short body and high weight.  Too bad "no such thing as fat" doesn't continue into adulthood!!!

Mommy is loving the baby stage with you!!!  You are a really good baby minus a fussy part that seems to happen each evening for about an hour.  Your doctor said that's colic most likely.  I've always been pretty scared of that word but if this is all it is I think we'll keep you ;).  I'm sure it could be A LOT worse but I am so grateful that we've never dealt with that with any of you boys.  Thanks for being such a sweet baby that shares your smiles so freely!  I think you are going to start giggling any day now.  I can tell you are trying to and you love to talk too.  There is nothing cuter than watching you work hard to get sounds out.

Food:  You are eating 4 ounces at each feeding still.  I was afraid you were about to go up again but you seem to have slowed down and even stopped finishing all 4 ounces at some feedings.  You seem to vary on how long you will go between feedings.  Sometimes it's 2 hours during the day, sometimes it's 3 and sometimes it's 4 hours.  I am still pumping at least 3 times per day.  I don't get nearly enough to grow you but I'm hoping you are still getting the antibodies you need from me, at least that's what I'm telling myself.  I only get about 6 ounces a day when pumping so this mommy is grateful that formula is out there and an option.  Your still on the fussy formula and we'll probably continue that for a couple more months and then try to switch you back to the regular.

Sleep:  You are getting better at sleeping at night I think.  It's hard to say what your normal is yet but there have been more nights where you are put to bed between 9 and 11 and not getting up to eat until 4 or 5.  I can't tell you how much mommy appreciates these long stretches!!!  You are still swaddled at night.  I sometimes try to put you on your belly and not swaddled but you don't seem to sleep as well that way.  I think your head is getting flat so hopefully you'll start turning it more while you sleep!   As far as naps there's no pattern that I can tell except that if you are in your carseat and it's moving you are most likely sleeping.  I haven't napped you in your bed much.  I'm thinking that might be a third kid thing.  You just end up rolling with wherever the day takes us so your naps happen on the go a lot of the time.

Clothes:  You are pretty comfortable in 3-6 month clothes now but can still wear some 0-3.  Your diapers are size 1 and I have no idea on shoes because you've never had any on.  I'm just thankful your feet are big enough now that I can put some socks on you that actually stay on your feet.

New Things:  You are spitting up a little less now, which is awesome!  You seem to stay awake more too.  The best part about that is that you are awake and happy a lot more too.  You love to lay in your activity gym.  Sometimes when you get fussy and it isn't time to eat, I have figured out you just want to be laid down.  Ty Ty was the exact same way!  You are still rolling from belly to back when you get determined to.  It isn't a quick process but you are definitely doing it intentionally.

These first two months with you have been so much fun!  I am one blessed momma to have you and your brothers!  I love you "back and to the moon"sweet boy!!!

You NEVER get to play with your toys alone!  

You love bath time!  

I have no words for this picture but I see a meme
in your future.

Oh your bright kind eyes... they get me every time!  

You with the world's greatest ultrasound tech!  Love her!!!

You have the same strawberry birthmark on
your neck, just like Daddy and your brothers do

Hanging out with Maddox and Grandma.  She's amazing!

Daddy is SO funny!

A little peace and quiet in Ty's bed...

...but not for long...

...they just kept coming!  

So you moved to Mommy's bed :-)
This is SO true!

I love how you stick your little butt in the air when you sleep
on your belly!

ALWAYS have hands near your face!  

Milk coma... can't stay awake to burp

Post 2 month shots

Showing your war wounds from your 2 month shots.  Daddy
and Case and Ty all got their flu shots while you were getting
your 2 month shots.  There were a lot of Green Lantern
band-aids that night!  
Not sure what color your eyes are going to be when you

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