Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Knox is 3 Months!

Weight: 15.5lbs
Head Circumference and Length, I'm leaving to the professionals at your 4-month check-up

Dear Knox,
3 months old!  One quarter of your first year, gone.  SLOW DOWN!!!  Each month becomes my new favorite with you.  You have the greatest smile and the biggest eyes.  It's a recipe for getting whatever you want and for instantly wiping away any frustration I have with you for getting me up at 2:00 am night after night.  I'm telling you, those eyes and that smile are going to take you places and I'm pretty sure you won't have to work hard to get there.  
These are your 3 month pictures that we got taken at Target.
The girl that took them did a great job. 

Food:  I switched you back to regular Similac about a week ago.  You seem to be doing well with it so I think this is what we will stick with for now.  You are still eating 4 ounces at each feeding.  There are clusters of time during the day when you want to eat every 2 hours still but other times that you stretch it out up to 4 hours.  I think you are still eating more frequently than you are "supposed" to but I guess that's because you haven't increased the amount you're eating in a while.  I am still pumping but only morning and evening now and that's really becoming more and more of a challenge.  I don't know how much longer I will make it but for now I'm hanging in there.  I forgot to pump one morning and decided I was done by the next day I saw the pump sitting there and decided I couldn't quit.  I know there is benefit in it for you so as much as I want to not do it anymore I still feel like I can't stop yet.  Since I skipped that one day I went from getting about 6 ounces in a day to about 2.  There is obviously no room for taking a break in my supply.  

Sleep:  You've been sleeping about the same.  Up between 2 and 4 and again between 5:30 and 6:30.  Grandma spent the night shift with you for two weeks while Daddy was traveling.  That was awesome!  Not the Daddy traveling part but the Grandma taking the night shift part.  As for naps those just happen whenever and wherever still.  I think it's going to be hard to get you on a napping schedule since we are on the go a lot.  You do seem to take a pretty good nap in the morning and another in the afternoon.  I've decided you are sort of like a parrot.  If you're in your carseat and I cover it, you're out.  
This is how you sleep at night... all swaddled
First time you've ever fallen asleep in bed not
swaddled.  It hasn't happened since then and it
didn't last very long because I had to wake
you up to go pick your brother up.  

A rare moment of falling asleep out of boredom
while mommy does laundry

You prefer to sleep on someone.  This is your
favorite place, with your face snuggled into my
left armpit.  

Asleep at dinner.  Apparently the company wasn't
very intriguing!  

Many times you sleep with your eyes half open...
CREEPY!  And the paci falling out is always a
good sign that you're out.  

Clothes:  You are wearing 3-6 months and some 6 month clothes.  I actually had to take clothes out of your closet and drawer already.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???  Diapers are still size 1 but you're ready for 2's, which I will put you in as soon as the 1's are all gone, yes, you're momma is really cheap.  

New Things:  You're still rolling.  I kept thinking you would do that a couple times when you were really little and then stop like your brothers did but you're still doing it.  You giggled for the first time.  Not at your mommy who gets up with you at night and cares for you during the day but at your brother.  You were in your jumperoo and Case was sitting in front of you making silly sounds.  You giggled.  I guess I will never live up to the comedy that Case provides, although I think you might be the only one that gets his jokes :-)  
Your feet don't quite touch but you still seem
to enjoy it as long as the entertainment is good

You LOVE to watch your brothers play and they always put a smile on your face.  You have found that you really enjoy your exersaucer now.  When the weather's nice I put you in it in the doorway and you watch your brothers play outside.  You love this!!!  

My favorite new thing is that your goopy eye is no longer goopy!  It just got better overnight just before you turned 3 months.
Your goopy eye isn't goopy anymore!  Yeah!!!
I'm starting to think you are going to be moving early.  You've wanted to stand up pretty much since day one.  Now you don't want to be laying back unless you are sleeping or eating.  You just want to be sitting or standing to see what's going on around you.  You love the bumbo for this reason!  
First time in the Bumbo
 These first three months with you have been so much fun but they've gone much too quickly!  I am excited to see how you change by next month but I don't want to rush it!  I love you Knox Haddon, back and to the moon, and all the way to God (both sentiments are complements of Ty).  

Snuggles with Daddy just before he left on
another business trip.

Your brothers thought you needed a weapon.
Playing in Uncle Ben's leaves

Your very first Halloween.  You were a skeleton.  Daddy let you
sleep in this that night and he said it was pretty funny because
your costume was glowing through your sleep sack.  
Your pumpkin hat on Halloween

My little Ninja Turtle and probably the outfit
you're brothers would like you to wear at all times.
At your first wedding - Gwen and Justin's, where
your brother's were ring bearers.  

In typical male fashion, this is what you thought
of being at a wedding.

Both of your brothers love you but Ty is so sweet
with you.  He loves to snuggle you and he's
usually very gentle with you (unlike Case).  
You have really fat toes.. I know... random.

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