Saturday, July 19, 2014

Knox's Nursery

It's time for some nursery pictures, which I'm pretty sure I said I would post a long time ago.  I am having trouble getting good pictures of it because I am photography challenged so these phone pictures will have to do.
This was Case's room until we moved him in with Ty.  I have no idea how I don't have a good picture of his room but this was it, just the painted room before we moved any of his furniture in.  He had a Case Tractor themed room.

And here's a look at Knox's nursery...

This was a red table used in Case's tractor room until I got carried away with spray paint.  

 My favorite part of the nursery!  I got the idea for this name sign here.  I don't know why I have always loved the idea of using diamond plating in a boys room but I never got around to it with Case's so we gave it a shot with Knox's room.  I love it and am grateful Daddy was willing to make it happen!

My first attempt at making crib sheets, which was much easier than I thought it would be.  I did look at just buying a crib sheet but couldn't find the right colors for a reasonable price.  I mean seriously, who pays $40 for a crib sheet?  I also kind of made this crib skirt but it's really just material placed together to look like a bed skirt so it's for sure not perfect.  I followed this tutorial for the crib sheets and this one for the crib skirt.   

 It turns out curtains are SUPER expensive as well so I bought cheap white curtains on ebay (about $30 for 4 panels) and added the orange and white material to them.  There are WAY cuter curtains out there but not at this price!

I did decide it was easier to buy a matching changing pad cover than take the time to learn to make one and buy at the material so I got this one at a cute Etsy shop here.  She customizes the colors for you and it matches perfectly.

So now we just need to insert Baby Knox and the room will be complete!  

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