Tuesday, July 1, 2014

36 Weeks

A little comparison...

Case (35 weeks)               Ty              Knox          

How far along:  36 weeks

Size of baby:  Honeydew Melon, however we've established that you are not interested in averages and therefore I have no idea what fruit to compare you to.  
Average size: 17.2-18.7 inches, 4.2-5.8 lb

Clothes:  Pretty much just maternity clothes now.  I can get into my workout pants still but I usually regret it after a couple of hours.  I just hate anything snug on my belly, I'm guessing you aren't really a fan either.  

Gender/Names:  Boy - Knox Haddon (names from John Knox and Charles Haddon Spurgeon)

Sleep:  Still sleeping pretty well.  I still get some hip pain from being on one side or the other too long but it's nothing that's kept me from sleeping much.  I'm still LOVING our room air conditioner.  It's AMAZING!  I think I might be taking the peeing to the next level after last night's 9 or so visits.  I might have broken some kind of record.  If only peeing were an Olympic sport.  I read somewhere, probably Facebook (where we all know everything is true), that if you lean forward while peeing you will empty your bladder more completely.  Lies.  I leaned forward every time last night and still was up about 9 time.  Whoever came up with that idea only did so to give pregnant women everywhere a false hope or perhaps a perception that somehow they could possibly pee more if they weren't leaning forward.  Either way, lies.  The good thing is that I can pretty easily go right back to sleep after each visit so I'm not complaining (too much... hush your mouth Daddy).

Movement:  You are a good mover.  It might be kind of cool that you are little but everything else about you seems normal because I'm feeling more defined movements, which I'm guessing I wouldn't feel if you were running out of room as you should be.  I would still say you move a little less than your brothers did but that could totally be in my head.  I have been instructed to call the doctor immediately if I don't feel you move.  Of course this freaks me out because I don't feel you all the time so let's go ahead and take your movements to the next level, just as I have done with the peeing.  

Cravings:  Still nothing weird in the craving department.  Makes for such lame pregnancy stories!     

Update:  And a whole new scenario enters stage left, as if there haven't been plenty of those!  I saw my doctor today and her best guess on your size (or lack thereof) is that my placenta is small.  Now there was no ultrasound or anything today so I'm not sure what changed in her mind but she seems convinced that she'll see a small placenta once it is delivered.  So assuming that's the case, you should be totally fine but small.  I will have another ultrasound on Thursday to check your size.  If you have fallen off your growth curve (which stood at 21st percentile at last check two weeks ago) and under the 10th percentile then I will most likely be meeting you sooner than planned and possibly at a different hospital with a more equipped NICU.  I will know more about you on Thursday I hope and we'll just role with God's plan from there.  Just to be prepared, I've started making sure we are fully stocked and ready for your arrival.  More to come on Thursday.  Love you little bean!

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