Monday, March 24, 2014

22 Weeks

How far along:  22 weeks

Size of baby:  a papaya

Clothes:  Maternity jeans, workout pants (not because I've been busy working out), regular and some maternity shirts

Gender/Names:  I think maybe we've had a name break through.  Wayne and I went on a date night two days ago and were discussing names.  He likes Knox and wants the middle name to be Haddon.  We will confirm the last name once paternity has been confirmed... just kidding!  :-)  We both love that both of these names come from two great theologians, John Knox and Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  Nothing is in stone yet and I will probably stay kind of noncommittal until it's on the birth certificate.  You just never know what could happen between now and then.  

Sleep:  I'm sleeping pretty well as long as I don't end up on my back for too long.  And I'm fighting some congestion.  I will be glad when it's gone but I'm starting to think it might be a sinus infection.  I will see Dr. Fenoughty tomorrow and address it then.   

Movement:  I still think I feel him swoop by my bladder every now and again and I am pretty sure I felt one good kick or punch two days ago while we were watching a movie.  Nothing is consistent yet though.  

Cravings:  *Nothing has changed in this department! *  My cravings so far for this pregnancy can be summed up in three words, pizza, coke, and chocolate.  I do try to limit myself, but I'm not gonna lie, this baby is probably going to come out a pizza addict!  I still chew a lot of ice too but that's really no different when I'm not pregnant, I just get to pass it off as a craving right now, which I think makes it more acceptable.  


Sara Hubbard said...

I love your updates!

Stephanie said...

Ditto! This made me laugh out loud! :-)