Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gender Reveal

I had my 18 week ultrasound on 2/25, but unfortunately Wayne was out of town so instead of finding out what we were having we had it put in an envelope to open when he got home.  While he was gone, I got a little out of control with the gender reveal boards on Pintrest.  So the lady at the cake store was the first to open the envelope and the girls at Party City were the second to open the envelope so they could fill our box with either pink or blue balloons.  Wayne and I were pretty sure that after having 4 boys, we were probably going to stick with boys but it was still fun waiting to see ultrasound proof.  Wayne got home on Friday and on Saturday evening we had some friends and family over to find out with us.  Everything is more fun with a crowd!  I have no idea if people think these little reveal parties are dumb or not but I think they're fun and assuming this is our last baby I decided to go out with a bang.  

So we had a box filled with balloons for the boys to find out if they are having a brother or a sister.  By the way, they both wanted a sister.  

I think Daddy and Grandpa were happy with the results!

We are a very blessed Mommy and Daddy!

A lot of people have asked if I was disappointed.  I guess the assumption is that everyone would like to have at least one of each.  I'm not disappointed.  Honestly the thought of having a girl was a little scary to me.  All the drama... not sure how I'd handle it.  I've always gotten along with boys better!  The only part of having a girl that I will miss out on is the future.  I love the relationship I have with my mom and I won't have a daughter to have that with.  I'm just going to hope that my boys marry girls that will fill that spot for me.  Hopefully I won't be "that" mother-in-law that she tries to avoid!  

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Sara Hubbard said...

Can't wait for his arrival! And by the way - you will be the best mother-in-law!