Monday, January 13, 2014

Rhythm Discovery Center

Wayne ended up working several days around Christmas and New Years when he would usually be off so he had some floating holidays to take.  He had today off and also has tomorrow off.  We LOVE having Daddy at home with us!  We decided to check out the Rhythm Discovery Center today.  It was a last minute decision and a place I had thought about frequently but thought my kids might be a little too young.  I was wrong.  It was AWESOME!

 When you first go in there are two gongs.  Both are big but one of them is giant!  They were really cool.  I wish you could clearly see Ty's face in this one.  He makes such an angry face.  So silly!

Ty on the giant gong, which most  likely has a much more technical name

Ty and Case on the other big gong

drum circle
 They have two sound proof rooms where you can go in and play as loud as you want and you can barely hear anything from the outside.
LOVE his face here!  He thought this was so cool!

That's Daddy on the cow bell.  What band doesn't need a cow bell?  He's available for parties and bar mitzvahs.  His rate is VERY reasonable :)  Case has a small drumset at home so he thought this big one was pretty cool.  I secretly hope that he grows up to play the drums.  I know I will regret having said that one day but for now I think it would be cool!  And the answer to the noise problem follows...

Turns out there is such thing as electronic drums.  Who knew?  If my boys get into drums for real I think this is the way to go for sure!  You can't hear a thing unless you're wearing the headphones.  It was really neat!  

And the end to our perfect trip out was a late lunch at Bucca Di Beppo, where we sat in the kitchen.   We spent way more money than we intended but it was such a fun day we didn't even care!  

So thankful for this fun day!  Hoping tomorrow carries just as many memories!

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