Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ty's Pirate Party

For Ty's second birthday we decided on a pirate theme.  He loves to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates right now so it seemed like an obvious choice.  Here's a look at how we celebrated with our special little man, whom I ABSOLUTELY adore!!!!!!
The Invite

As usual, the cake was amazing, thanks to my cousin Suzie,
at Suzie's Sweet Shop.  If you are in the Indianapolis area
I highly recommend her.  Her cakes are cute AND delicious!

Can't have a pirate party without "walking the plank".  I
wanted to raise it off the ground a little but decided that might
end in a lawsuit :-)

It was a soup kind of day
If you need an ice bucket for a kid's birthday party a sand
bucket and shovel works nicely!
Pirate Ty with Pirate Grandpa, who he totally
didn't recognize, notice he's backing away.

The kids did a "treasure hunt" in a rice filled sensory bin.
This is what I wanted it to look like...

...but this was more accurate.  

Ty and Grandma

My parents don't mess around when there's a theme... love them!

Ty loved having everyone sing to him.  I LOVE that half smile!

He got SO many great gifts.  I know he doesn't right now, but
I pray the day comes when he understands just how truly
blessed he is with so many people that love him!

My 2 year old Ty Ty

I love that Daddy always helps the boys open gifts... it's a
little too chaotic for me!  
We are SO grateful that so many people love our little pirate enough that they spent their Saturday with us.  We are blessed beyond words with our amazing family and friends and especially with our Ty Ty!

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