Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ty is 2!

Dear Ty,
Here your momma sits... once again baffled by how we've reached another birthday already.  I feel like we just celebrated your 1st birthday and now you're 2nd is behind us.  I don't know where to start with you kiddo.  You and your brother have brought SO much joy to our family and yet the two of you are SO different.  I think you might grow up to be a politician because you totally know how to work a crowd.  You're emotions run high, whether happy, sad, or mad there's no in between with you.  You love to laugh and giggle and are so ticklish that if my hands even looks like they might touch your neck you're doubled over in laughter.
This and the next picture are literally
within a matter of 10 seconds...
there's no in between and I love that
about you!

Trying to get Christmas pictures... this one didn't quite make
our 2012 Christmas Card :)
Daddy asked you the other day if you were Daddy's boy and you said "no."  He asked if you were Mommy's boy and you said "no, I'm Case's boy".  Truer words have not been spoken.  You love your brother more than I could have ever imagined.  Yes you boys fight a lot but you love him.  You do ANYTHING Case tells you to, good or bad (usually bad).  I've heard him tell you "Ty say stupid" and you do and then you both giggle uncontrollably.  You aren't allowed to say "stupid" and you frequently get disciplined for it and yes, your brother is aware of that.  For you it's worth it because you've made your hero laugh.  I can't tell you how many times I've found myself just watching the two of you play with tears in my eyes because I am pretty sure there is nothing in this world sweeter!  God knew you boys would be SO good together and I am so grateful that he put you in my house so I could watch.
Mommy was on the phone... you guys found
a puddle.  Case has such GREAT ideas!

Watching TV together
Your Two Year Stats
Weight:  26 pounds 11 ounces (50th percentile)
Height:  35.25 inches (74th percentile)
Head Circumference:  50 centimeters (91st percentile)
Your body has officially flip flopped.  Every time you've been measured you were always high in weight and average in height and now you're the opposite.  

Sleeping:  You are a great sleeper.  It's VERY rare that we have to come into your room after you go to bed between 8:30 and 9.  If we do it's because you've been sleeping on your hand, causing it to fall asleep and you to be freaked out.  You usually wake up between 6:45 and 7:30 and you nap between about 2:30 and 5.  You like for me to rock you to sleep at night and we always read a story and sing a couple songs.  I love to listen to you sing "Jesus Loves Me".  It's adorable!  Sometimes you'll tell me you want to sing the "Mommy Song" of which there isn't one so I tell you I don't know it and ask you to sing it for me.  You always make something up.  The tune is always different the but the words always consist only of "Mommy" or whatever topic you've asked for.  After we rock for a bit you will usually say "I want to go to bed,"  I put you in your crib and that's that.  I know my days of rocking you are numbered and I truly cherish that time with you. 
Asleep in the car with a sucker in your mouth
this is bad parenting anyway you look at it.
Let's hope you don't take up smoking!
Eating:  You are not the world's greatest eater.  You would drink milk all day long if I'd let you but I usually try to keep it to meals.  You love juice too but you rarely get that.  The only foods that are a sure things are the ones that are bad for you, like sweets and "chippies".  You'll usually eat mac and cheese, granola bars, grapes, raisins, chicken nuggets, and pizza but beyond that it just depends on the day.  You rarely clean your plate and if your brother is done eating then you are done as well, whether you've touched your food or not.  

Toys:  You love Lightning McQueen from the Cars movies right now.  You enjoy trains, cars, helicopters, and airplanes.  If it has wheels and you can push it then you like it.  You and Case have Hot Wheel bikes that you love to ride around the house.  You aren't a huge fan of crafts yet.  I'm hoping you'll come around.  You're starting to enjoy technology a little more but your brother is usually monopolizing it so you haven't really had a chance to love it as much as he does.  

Clothes:  You are wearing some 2T but can still fit pretty comfortably in 24M and even some 18M if the pants aren't too short and if we can fit your giant noggin through the head hole.  You sleep in footed jammies every night.   You, just like your brother, have big feet and you're comfortably wearing a size 8 already.   

You have a problem with your right knee right now.  I'm hoping if you're reading this it's old news and no longer an issue.  I took you to a pediatric orthopedist this week and he believes your meniscus is too large but the only way to diagnose it for sure is an MRI, which you would have to be sedated for.  We're going to try to hold off on that until it's absolutely necessary because the only fix is surgery, so in the meantime you randomly start sobbing because your knee hurts and you can't walk for a few minutes and then I guess once it pops back into place you're fine again.  I hate it and I'm guessing you do too.  I hope you grow into it and don't need surgery but I guess time will tell.  

You show a LOT of interest in the toilet.  You're forever climbing onto it, usually fully clothed but sometimes I humor you and take your clothes off.  You haven't done anything on it yet and I'm starting to think that maybe you think sitting on it is all there is to it because you tell me you want a treat when you get off.  I'm hoping you catch on quickly because of watching Case so much.  

You are an amazing talker and you're so smart.  I don't take a bit of credit for this because although I worked hard with your brother before you got very old but I haven't had the same chance with you.  I believe Case is the reason you are so smart.  You carry on whole conversations already and have for a while now.  You amaze me every time I listen to you.  You know most of your colors and the letters in your name (most of the time... you're welcome for keeping it simple for you).  I look forward to watching you grow and can't wait to see where God leads you in the future.  I love you with all my being Ty Ty!!!!  


Here's a few more of you over the past year...
First time playing in the snow

Grandma is responsible for letting you lick the icing spoon

You and your cousin Molly... you love "Baby Molly"

You are Grandpa's boy for sure!

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Becky said...

Your blog is a treasure. You will always be glad you took time to record your memories! I'm so happy to know how God has blessed your life with these sweet boys!