Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was a two day event this year.  Yesterday we went to Marshall's house for our Baby Jam Valentine's Day Party.  The kids are getting more and more fun each year at these events.  We even got to make Valentine boxes this year!
A huge thanks to Megan for organizing this special day!  She had crafts and snacks and lots of toys to play with.  The boys had a blast!  

These are the Valentine's the boys handed out.  Case's says
"Case loves you more than fruit snacks".  Anyone who knows
Case knows this is a BIG deal!  

Their Valentine boxes after some paint and about 500 stickers

Valentine Snack Mix... the boys LOVE this!!!

Quite possibly one of my favorite pictures
of them... LOVE these smiles!!!!

This is what I battled with pictures of these too...
they could NOT do anything but admire their work.

Today I took the boys to the Flip Zone with Tracey and Andrew, followed by McDonald's and the destruction of Tracey's house, I mean playtime at Tracey's house.  It was a very fun day for the boys (and me)!  
This is as good as a picture of three boys 
in perpetual motion gets.  

This evening I got to celebrate with ALL three of my Valentines!  I am one blessed lady!

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