Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Case is THREE!!!

Sometimes I when I think back it seems like it has been more like 10 years since I was cuddling with a little baby Case and other times it feels like 15 minutes ago.  Regardless of how it feels or what I want, Case is three.  Not a baby, not a toddler, but a little boy.  There's SO much I want to remember about him right now and yet life gets in the way of me making sure I have it all documented.  Sadly I'm going to have to rely on my ever-failing mind to store many of these details.  

Dear Case,
Here's a look at your third birthday party, just in case you got your mom's shotty memory system...
The invitation
The day of your party.  Your Daddy is afraid I'm still going to
be making birthday shirts for you when you're 16.  I assured
him I would stop at least by 15 :)
The Hot Diggity Dog Bar

Two empty recliner boxes. a few coats of paint, a crafty Daddy,
and several nights in the garage = one Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

The treats table

Your cousin, Suzie, doesn't mess around!
I could not have been happier with your
cake.  It looked almost as yummy as it

Cookie decorating
You loved having everyone sing to you!

You got so many great gifts!
And this is what happens when you are left alone with
cake for 30 seconds or more.  

It was such a fun day!  There were so many people there.  You are blessed beyond belief with so many people that love you!  

And now for a little about you at three years old...  you are a very funny kid.  The things you say absolutely crack Daddy and me up!  I love that you call me Mominy when you are in a silly mood.  Right now you have a little cold and while coughing yesterday you explained to Daddy that you choked on boogers and they were tastier than the hot dogs you were about to eat for dinner.  Oh Case!  You always have something funny to say and I really need to get better about writing all of your "Caseisms" down.  

You are fully potty trained even at nap and bedtime.  I was shocked that you did so well so quick.  One day I decided I wasn't putting you in diapers again and it took about a week of staying home, a little bit of tough love, and you pretty much got the hang of it.  You were wearing pull-ups at nap and bedtime until your genius mommy accidentally bought Dora pull-ups instead of Diego and Daddy said NO WAY to you wearing them.  Who knew there was a boy version AND a girl version... clearly not me!  Your reward for dry underwear is getting my phone for 15 minutes at nap and bed time.  You usually get it but sometimes you have trouble stopping what you are doing to go potty and we find "drips" in your underwear.  When you go poopy you get 5 Skittles and Ty gets 3 for being the "supportive little brother" and because I don't want to deal with the TOTAL meltdown that would ensue if he didn't get anything.  Yes, I know... mom of the year.  
Clearly the potty seats weren't part of your
potty training but rather your wardrobe.  Who
doesn't want a potty seat hat?
I just signed you up for basketball, which will be the first organized (or probably totally UNORGANIZED) sport you will play.  I just can't deal with soccer so hopefully you like basketball.  You start that in January.  I hope you love it!  

You are quite the manipulator at three years young!  When Ty has something you want you very selectively find a toy that you know he will want to play with and take it to him like you're doing him a favor, all the while planning to take the toy you distracted him from.  An outsider looking in would applaud you for your kindness but Daddy and I know better... we're onto you kid!  

You are VERY stubborn.  Daddy likes to point out that you get that from me but the fact that he's not willing to take any responsibility in that trait clearly suggests where your stubbornness really comes from.   

You love to play with your trains, cars, and Hot Wheels tracks.  You are totally obsessed with helicopters right now too!  I love listening to you countdown from 10 and yell "blast off" usually with Ty following right behind you with some flying tractor or something.   You haven't met a piece of technology you don't like.  I'm guessing this is going to make for very expensive gifts in the near future.  

You still sleep in a crib.  I asked the pediatrician if this was okay and he said it was so quit judging me!  You like your bed and I like my sleep so if it ain't broke don't fix it.  You have never climbed out, however you do climb in it at every nap and bedtime.  I have NO idea why you've never climbed out but you haven't.  I'm just not asking any questions.  You still take a nap usually from about 2 to 4 or 5.  You go to bed between 8:30 and 9 and you get up between 7:30 and 8... for the record, I prefer 8 or later.  I think you're a night owl.  You stay awake playing in your bed for a good hour after you get in.  

I have to confess that I have been a TOTAL slacker in the education department lately.  Between the move and our lives being so busy, I have not been good about putting lessons together.  I'm hoping to get back to this in January or February... don't hold me to it though.  You're mom's a slacker!  So if the day comes when a possible employer says, "You seem to be the perfect candidate but you are lacking that 3 to 4 year old skill set" you'll know who to blame at your next therapy appointment.  

You have become a pretty good eater.  When I say good eater that is only true for things you want to eat, for example I NEVER have trouble getting you to eat a sucker, fruit snacks, cupcakes, or anything else you shouldn't be eating.  Here's a list of a few things that you are usually willing to eat without complaining (too much):  turkey (rolled up but not bread... weirdo), "chippies" (chips), grilled cheese, chicken nuggets, fries, mac and cheese, hot dogs (unless boogers are the other option), peanut butter and jelly (sometimes), pears, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, lima beans (sometimes), broccoli (sometimes), ketchup (with absolutely anything), yogurt, and spaghetti.  I've heard stories of your Grandma Angie having to hide cakes from your Pa so I'm pretty sure I know where you got your absolute cake, or icing  obsession   It's like you turn into a wild animal that can scale walls or walk on the ceiling if need be to get to the cake.  There isn't a safe place if you know it's here.  Here's a look at what you did to your Grandma and Grandpa's 40th Anniversary cake BEFORE their party!
You only got this far because I caught you.
And here's a few more pictures of you over the past several months...
You and Case LOVE sitting in my office chair
and watching Curious George on the computer

A week or two after your head injury

At the State Fair

Yep.  We sure did eat that cake anyway.

This is more often than not how sunglasses end up on you :)

Dr. Case :-)  

I just think you have one of the sweetest, kindest faces!
Case, I could go on and on about you and how amazing you are.  I am just so blessed that God chose me to be your mom!  Thank you for being a reminder each day of how truly blessed I am.  Thank you for filling me with a joy and happiness that I thought I might never have.  I love you buddy!  Happy Third Birthday (a little belated)!


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