Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Baby Jam Halloween Party

Yes, I know it is nearly Christmas.  The fact that these are getting posted before next Halloween seems like a bit of a miracle.  Just think... you'll have Christmas pictures to look forward to around Easter or so :)

Baby Jam was at our house on Halloween this year.  I seriously can't think of anything cuter than all these kids getting dressed up in their costumes at the same time!  Here's a look at our party...
And this is what the chaos looks like when you
have 6 moms and 2 grandmas trying to get 8 kids
in their Halloween costumes.  
A brief glimpse of Superhero Sara doing the "fix and dodge" to
make sure the picture is just right.  

And after all that hardwork...

Totally worth it!

Could they be any cuter?!?!

Mickey and Minnie Mouse :-)

My Mickey and Dumbo... LOVE!

A little bean bag toss...

some cupcake decorating...

some cupcake eating...
throw in some spider rings and voila... you have a Baby Jam
Halloween Party!
These spider rings were played with long after Halloween!

Isn't Alice a doll???

And since Grandma was present Ty should obviously get
to lick the icing spoon.  Oh grandma!!!
The kiddos with their decorated cupcakes :)

I don't know what I'd do without these kids and their mommas!!!  So grateful that God brought us all together!

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