Monday, August 27, 2012

Blog Hiatus Over!

Let's see how complicated my life got in a few short months shall we?  House was on the market for 2 years and we took it off only to sell it 2 weeks later.  Pack up 9 month old, 2 year old, husband, and 10 years worth of accumulated stuff in our house.  Move in with parents... boy oh boy they had NO idea what they were signing up for.  Insert stomach flu for all 6 people living in said parent's house (that was FUN!).  Begin house hunting.  Find house, make offer, offer rejected.  Restart house hunting, look at 30ish houses (our realtor loved us!).  Make offer, sign papers, mentally move in, bank "changes their mind" and relists the house (yes, this really happened), offer them more money and make offer on another house just in case this one fell through.  House falls through back up plan (after 1 year on the market) can no longer afford to sell as they are upside down and husband took their money and started a new business (why is house still on the market?  No idea... I'm guessing their realtor had this conversation with them too).  That's 3 offers and no house for those of you keeping count.  Apparently I'm not the most fun person to look for houses with as Wayne pretty much gave up and said you find a house and I'll be fine with it.  I don't blame him... the house I want we can't afford plus I live in fear of making another house mistake.  We lived in the last one for ten years and still had to take a substantial amount of money to closing. I was gun shy to say the least.  Our realtor told us one of the houses we had previously looked at (and didn't meet any of our criteria really) had dropped in price $20,000.  I mentioned it to Wayne and he made an offer on it before we got home.  When I said he was done, I wasn't kidding.  This house is an amazing deal and a good investment for our family.  It isn't our forever home but it has tons of space so we're going to make it work.  Everything happens in God's timing and by His plan.

Pictures of the house will be coming soon... maybe just room by room as I get things sort of done.  

We've now been in this house for over 2 months and it is growing on me more and more everyday.  After a rough start, I'm clearly not good with change, it finally feels like OUR house.  The project list is long but I'm trying not to get stressed out about it.  We have everything we need today and all the changes that I want to make will come in time, hopefully.

So needless to say it has been a complicated and chaotic few months but I feel like things might be getting back to normal again and I figured it was probably time to start posting again before my boys are graduating high school.  Next up will be an update on my boys because there are SO many things I don't want to forget about who they are right now, not to mention the fact that the last 6 months have pretty much gone undocumented.

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