Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ty - 12 Months!!!

Dear Ty,
Whew!  What a year!  I can't believe you're already 1!!!  It is totally baffling to me how fast this past year has gone.  You have shown me that it is possible for me to love another little boy as much as your brother.  Your scrunchy face smile makes me laugh every time and makes my heart overflow with love for you.

The second half of your first year proved to be more challenging for all involved.  You've had a lot of ear infections, or possibly one long ear infection that we've had a very hard time getting rid of.  Now that we are a month into your second year, and you are on oral and eardrop antibiotics, I think I am starting to get glimpses of the happy little boy that you used to be.  I have felt so sorry for you over the past several months because you've had cold after cold which always led to ear infection after ear infection.  You just haven't felt good in a while.  The good news is that even when you don't feel good you still have the best belly laugh every time someone tickles your neck and the snuggles... oh the snuggles.  I've gotten some pretty special snuggle time with you!!!!

Sarah took your one year pictures in her new studio!  Here you are at 1 year old...
Where's Ty?  This game never gets old :-)

Those eyes!

This pretty much captures the battle Sarah
had on her hands getting your picture!

There's that scrunchy face! <3

Sometimes it's just easier to get down to the cupcake's level!

Ty, I love you so much!  There isn't a thing about you that I would change.  You have the most beautiful piercing blue eyes, the world's best scrunchy face smile, and a giggle that makes me just want to stop and thank God for you.  Thank you for an amazing year little boy!  



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