Friday, July 29, 2011

Ty - Four Months Old

4 Month Stats
Length: 25.75 inches (69%)
Weight:  17lbs 4.5oz (81%)
Head:  43.5 (92%)

Dear Ty,
You are 4 months old!  Here's a little bit about you right now...

Sleep: You have become quite the napper when we are at home!  You usually take two pretty good naps each day.  You've been a little better about sleeping at night but it was pretty rough there for a few weeks.  You are usually going to bed around 8 and Daddy or I wake you up around 10 to eat one more time.  This seems to be the trick to get you through most of the night.  You'll wake up one other time during the night and then you are up for the morning around 7.  Hopefully we'll get you sleeping through the night here soon!!!  Mommy is tired!

Eating:  UGH!  That's all I can say about eating.  If you look at pictures of yourself it doesn't look like you have missed many meals but you are NOT the greatest eater.  You eat up to 6 ounces at a time.  The only time you empty a bottle is when you fall asleep eating.  The rest of the time you might only take 2 ounces and be done or if I have the time and patience I'll continue giving you sips over the course of an hour or so and you might take a total of 5 ounces.

Clothes:  Somehow despite the eating issues you are still ahead of the game in clothing.  You are wearing 6/9 month clothes easily now but I think you might be getting closer to the 9 months side of that!  I've finally gotten you into your cloth diapers so you wear those a least a few times day.  When you wear disposables you are in a size 3!  I can't believe how fast you've blown through the diaper sizes!

Play:  You are awake a lot more now and you are SO much fun!  You love to lay on the floor and play under your little gym.
You also like to play with (eat) your feet.  
There's my feet!
Almost got 'em!

You still love the bear that hangs from your carseat.

Somehow you got big enough to use your exersaucer!  You really like being in it.  Case loves to "help" you play in it too!

Could you be any happier???

You (just like Case did) LOVE to talk to the snail!
You also love to watch Case.  Your eyes follow him all over the room!  I think you are going to learn more from him than anyone else (this could be good or it could be bad... time will tell)!

New Things:
You have rolled both directions now, though you don't do either regularly.  You are starting to giggle, which I LOVE, although it gives you the hiccups almost every time.  Your feet are definitely something you've found this month and they seem to spend more time in your mouth than not.  You are a HUGE fan of the TV and anything electronic already.  You'll maneuver yourself around on the ground so that you can get in position to see the TV.  This is probably not the best thing but at least you already know what you like!

You are looking a LOT like your
Grandpa Johnston here!
Falling asleep... not sure what to say about your choice
of fingers!

You have such a sweet smile!
There are so many things I love about you!  You are at one of my favorite ages now!  I love your sweet smile, your giggles, the way you look at me like there is no one in the world you'd rather be with.  I love that you are SO quick to smile at almost any stranger (yes, even the weird ones that think they need to touch you or kiss you... seriously... hands off people!).  I take you to "Child Watch" at the YMCA, while I workout and rarely is there a time when I pick you up and someone doesn't tell me what a good baby you are.

You are such a happy baby and SO patient with your momma and your brother!  It is rare that you cry for very long.  I love our middle of the night feedings.  It is just you and me and no other distractions.  I treasure that time with you (even in the midst of my exhaustion).  I am having SO much fun with you and I pray that God gives us many many many more years of fun together!

I love you little boy!


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