Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ornaments from a Friend

I meant to share about this special gift I recieved from a special friend before Christmas but it didn't happen. Since that didn't happen we'll just say that I'm early for next Christmas:-)

Summer is another mom that I met on the stillborn board on iVillage. She has become a very special friend to me. We stay in touch via email and our emails are long to say the least. In fact we call them chapters instead of letters. We have a lot to say. Have you ever tried to maintain a true friendship strictly in email? It takes a lot of words.

She lost her own little boy in October. His name was Caleb. There was the obvious immediate connection with her excellent choice of names but there was more to our connection. Our losses occured pretty close together and we found ourselves in very similar places. She has been someone I could talk to very openly and she understands where I'm coming from because usually she is right there with me. It's funny how our hard days usually don't fall on the same day Though. This way we can be there to lift the other one up at the end of the day. I have truly enjoyed her friendship and I look forward to actually meeting her in person next month. You can read all about what Summer is up to on her blog.
In early December I received the nicest gift from Summer along with a card that made it that explained the meaning, which made it even more special. She sent me two ornaments. Here are pictures of them...
Now the ornaments on their own are so cute and of course I looked at them before I opened the card...I know I're not supposed to do that. Anyway, when I read the card I lost it. She wrote that she was in Hallmark and saw these ornaments so she immediately went to the C's since her son's name is Caleb. When she got to the Caleb's she found, right next to it, totally out of place, a Joshua ornament. She wrote that she just had to get them when she saw them together like that. I love that story!

A huge thanks to Summer for being there for me and for always making me smile:-)

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Summer & Brandon said...

You made me cry! Thank you for always being there too. I have really come to love and appreciate our friendship. I just know we were brought togather to help each other through this very difficult time.

Love, Summer