Monday, January 12, 2009

The Perfect Christmas Card

I know I'm way behind on sharing Christmas stuff but here I go again, with a few more to come after this one.  

I recieved the most perfect Christmas card mid-December.  Brandi, the ultrasound technician that found out the boys were no longer alive, sent me this card.

If I could give you any gift this Christmas...
I'd give you the promis
of a new year
filled with health, hope, 
and happiness; 
a heartfilled with peace; 
and days filled with all
 you could wish for...
(on the inside)
I know what a rough year
it has been for you.  
You've had more than your share
of hard times-
and you deserve so much better.  
My Christmas wish
is that this holiday season
will be the start of much better days -
filled with smiles, laughter, good health,
and all the happiness 
your heart can hold.

This was followed by a VERY nice personal note.  

I know I wrote about Brandi on the boys website but I just have to reiterate how special she is to me.  She was there on the worst day of my life.  She was the one to first know for sure that the boys were already gone.  It was a terrible day but I was so blessed to be in her office when I got this news.  Brandi wasn't my ultrasound technician through most of my pregnancy, but I sure do wish she had been.  I was seeing a high risk OB and their technician is the one that did most of my ultrasounds; however Brandi was the first one to see my boys and the last one. I was so touched by how well she took care of me that day and the fact that she thought to send a card my way, not to mention such a thoughtful card, means the world to me.  I hope to find myself back under her care someday with a much happier outcome.   Thank you for everything Brandi!

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BD said...

you are way to kind! I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you during that time! I am amazed how the Lord has connected us outside of the whole medical situation thru my mom!! your blog is awesome and such a tremendous healing process for ya!