Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not Feeling Wel...

This is Wayne... I'm writing because I'm the dad and that's one of my privileges.  I got a call today from Beverly, around 11:45am, telling me that she was going home for the day.  She wasn't feeling well and since they only have 25% A.C. in her part of the school, it was really taking a toll on her; so she left.  On the way home she called our OB and told the office nurse about certain "pulling" and misc pains she's been experiencing, and that she wasn't feeling well today.  They asked her to come in at 1:00pm to do some urine tests to make sure everything was looking OK.

While they waited on the results from the "pee test" they hooked her up to some EKG-type machine to see if they could get any hints of contractions.  They didn't see anything there, but her "keytones" were indicative of either dehydration or diabetes.  However, since her glucose has always been and still is OK, they're just sure it's dehydration.  But to be on the safe side, they've scheduled for her to do the 1-hour gluco-mohito-hirohito test (or whatever) tomorrow morning (Thur., Sept 4). 

I'm not really sure about the dehydration thing though, because she drinks at least 64oz. of water everyday (we bought her a handy-dandy 64oz. container just for that) and has to pee more than any person I have ever known.  She held that title before she was pregnant, and her ability to squeeze out the yellow stuff has only grown to new heights since.  I just can't imagine that she needs more water - but what do I know.  Can you get an IV for the home to just pump water into her?  

Most importantly, they have told my lovely wife that she has to slow-down & take-it-easy.  The doc specifically said that she needs to just go to work and come home - nothing else.  Also, since it is twins, she wants her to come in whenever she feels what she might think are contractions, regardless of time or anything.  (I assume the office has to be open, though, right?)

Anyway, I need all-yer-all's help in stressing to Beverly that she needs to take it easy - doctor's orders!!  If you see her trying to do anything resembling work - kindly ask her to cease-and-desist and plant her tush on the nearest soft object.  Then promptly call her husband and let him do whatever inane task she was attempting.  Thank you.

We'll update you on the results of the "1-hour gluco-mohito-hirohito test" when we know.

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