Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good News...

Wayne and I went for the gestational diabetes test today...well I went in for it and Wayne went with me for support (and to laugh at me as I tried to down the orange stuff in 5-7 minutes). We got the results about 30 minutes ago and I scored an 85. You have to be below 130 to pass. I am very thankful that gestational diabetes isn't the cause for the high ketones. That is not something I wanted to deal with. Wayne is convinced that I'm not eating enough but you can bet I'm eating plenty with him beside me today!!! I think I was dehydrated but I am working very hard to keep drinking. I'm always checking the toilet after I pee to make sure I can't see anything. I am drinking enough as long as it isn't yellow...I know...I always thought pee was supposed to be yellow too. This is a pretty accurate measuring tool as I go to the bathroom literally every 10-15 minutes. I get a constant reminder to drink. I think those little boogers are just sucking everything out of me. I'm fine with that as long as they continue sharing with each other equally.

I also got clarification from my nurse today on my cervix. There was some concern when the doctor measured me so she had them use ultrasound to measure me more accurately. They found that my cervix is soft but closed. I think this is where the strict "take it easy" instructions come from. It being soft is only an issue if it begins opening. It is hard but I have my amazing husband to take care of me will be harder when I have 23 2nd grades wanting me to take care of them tomorrow. I will do my best though and keep everything in perspective. We have another appointment next Thursday when they will do another ultrasound. We'll keep you posted!

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