Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Knox is ONE!

At nine months you were 
Weight: 20 pounds 2.6 oz (59th percentile)
Height: 27.75 inches (23rd percentile)
Head Circumference: 45 cm (49th percentile)

Will update with 12 month stats 
when we go in a couple weeks.  

Dear Knox,

Well I made it to 8 months and then failed miserably keeping up with your monthly blog posts!  I'm sorry!  I did remember your pictures at least before you turned the next month older so those are semi accurate :-)  Let's talk about you, because a LOT has changed since your last post.

You started pulling yourself up at 8.5 months and you were SO proud of yourself!
First time you pulled yourself up 4/10/2015

You started really walking just 4 days shy of 11 months but you took a few steps here and there before that.  Your brothers were passing around a pretty high fever that kept us in the house for several days in a row.  This was good for your walking!  One Thursday afternoon, you just took off!

Another big milestone?  YOU ARE SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Wait, I sounded a little too excited about that.  I did love our middle of the night snuggles and will be forever grateful for that time with you but I am also a big fan of uninterrupted sleep so we'll just hang onto those memories and enjoy our sleep.  

You now have 4 teeth in or coming in on the top and two on the bottom.  You were looking a little snaggle toothed there for a while as one of your side top teeth came in before your middle top teeth.  

You also learned to clap!  It is the cutest!  If we say "Yay Knocky!" you drop everything in your hands and clap with the world's biggest smile on your face.  It is the most precious!!!
Clapping with Gerry the Girrafe

I still get to rock you to sleep but now you'll even let me read to you first.  More often than not you don't fall asleep on me and I have to put you in your bed awake.  You'll usually fuss for a minute maybe and then lay down.  But those occasions that you do fall asleep on me I LOVE!  You like to sleep on your hands with face down.  I don't know how you breathe but somehow you manage.  You get sleepy at about 7:45 each night and we give in and put you to bed around 8.  You'll usually sleep until 7am but you wake up SO happy in the morning.  You just sit in your bed and play with toys until I come in to get you.  You get sleepy for a morning nap around 9:30 or 10 and usually sleep until 11:30 or so.  Then you go down for another nap around 3 until 5 or so.  I love that you are such a good sleeper/napper.  It gives me a chance to get things done so that I can really enjoy you when you're awake.  

Whenever you fall asleep in the car Case holds
your hand but even he fell asleep this time.  <3 td="">
SO happy in the mornings!

Sometimes your brothers beat me to you!  
Until about 10.5 months you were getting a bottle at both naps and at bedtime.  You did so well when I cut out your morning bottle that I thought I'd try the afternoon bottle and you did great!  Two days before your first birthday we tried to stop the bedtime bottle and you didn't even flinch.  It was weird!  I had way more anxiety about it then you did.  So you were officially bottle free by your birthday.  You love whole milk so that helps make it an easy transition I guess.  You drink a cup of milk with each meal but you love water too so that's what you get in between or when we're out.

You have gotten so good at chewing and eating things that as long as they're little I don't have to worry too much about you choking anymore.  I don't even have to break your veggie stixs up anymore and you do love your veggie stix!  I give you eggs every morning, most mornings you throw them on the floor but on rare occasions you eat them.  I will keep trying because they're so good for you and I'm making them for your brothers anyways.  You love bananas, baby cereal bars, nutri-grain bars, baby granola bars, banana pancakes, cereal, oatmeal (depending on the day) and most pouches as long as their heavy on the fruit and light on the veggies.  For lunch and dinner you like grilled cheese, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, any kind of bread, spinach nuggets, quesadillas and turkey.  You love to snack too!  Puffs, veggie stix, anything sweet, you name it.  You're a real big fan of vanilla ice cream too!

You love to play with anything your brothers are playing with, they aren't so fond of this game.  You also love to pull every book off of every shelf until it's nice and empty.  Apparently a tidy shelf means more to you than a tidy floor.  Toilet water and trashcans are just a few more of your favorites! Oh and my phone.  Somehow you know you love my phone!
You love to climb on the fireplace and play and
then get really mad when you can't figure out
how to get down! 

Just minutes later I found you and your trusty
sidekick, Julia, playing so quietly in the toilet!  :)
Another look at the two of you when you were
a little more innocent and not mobile!

You love Facetiming with your cousin Maddox :)

And hanging out with your buddy, Eli

and riding horses

and being outside
and baby yoga no and then :)
And helping Mommy in the office.  About 60
seconds.  That's how long you have to be in there
before you do this.  
and this.
You are an equal opportunity boy and love on your momma and your daddy equally!  Your face beams when your daddy comes home at the end of the day and you can't wait to get into his arms!

I have enjoyed your first year way more than you'll ever know.  To see your smile and the love in your eyes when you're with your brothers makes my heart so full of joy!  You are such a sweet baby and so loving.  You will frequently just lay your head on me or Daddy and pat us.  It's just precious.  I can already tell that you are going to love so deeply.  I don't know who you'll be when you grow up and I wish that it wasn't going to feel like a minute before I find out.  I wish I could just freeze time because it's going to break my heart when you aren't my baby anymore!  I just pray that you follow God's path for you.  That you love Him deeper than anyone else and that you find a way to make the world a better place.  With that smile I don't see how it could go any other way!  I love you sweet Knocky!  


Cracked me up how you would get in this car
 before you figured out that the door opened :)

Zoo trips with friends

Lucas loves you!  He's so sweet!!!

Silly boy on the other side of the door.  Some people think
fingerprints on the glass are bad.  Geez!

Still love a pickle!!!

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