Sunday, January 4, 2015

Knox is 5 Months

These pictures are getting tougher already!

Dear Knox,

You are 5 months old.  That's getting really close to 6 months, half of a year.  That's CRAZY!

Sleep: You're sleeping about the same at this point.  You stay up late with Daddy although you are usually sleeping through most of that time after about 9.  Daddy feeds you one more time before bed and down you go.  The big news in this department is that you are now sleeping without your arms swaddled.  You're still wearing your swaddle sack but you're only swaddled with your arms out.  Woohoo!  One step closer to no swaddle sack!
My favorite place for you to sleep

Probably a reaction from the noise that is
constantly surrounding you.  

Those hands... still together
Sleeping with arms out of the swaddle!!!

My snuggle buddy

Eating:  You are still not a "breakfast" person.  You'll eat your early morning feeding and then you don't really want anything for a long time.  Once you do eat it's not more than 3 ounces if that usually.  Then a few hours later you're back to normal and wanting to eat close to 6 ounces.  In the evenings you're cluster feeding.  Lots of every two hour feedings in the evening!  You're just really hard to predict!

Clothes:  You're pretty well completely filling out your 6 month clothes now and probably getting pretty close to ready for some 9 month stuff.  I've put you in a few 9 month onsies and they really aren't too big.

New Things: This has been a BIG month for you in the "New Things" department.  First and biggest, you started sitting up on your own!  ON YOUR OWN!!!  You weren't even 5 months yet.  You did it for the first time on 12/15/14.  You're still a little wobbly and I don't go far because you eventually fall but you're doing great!

Head's still flat.  Gonna need some hair to cover that up!

Big boy sitting up!!!

I love this picture!!!

You've started rolling back to belly.  You don't really love to stay there long but you're doing it on occasion!  I will have to catch it on video for your next post but for now there's no video evidence.

You took your first antibiotic too.  You'd had a cold for the better part of two weeks so I called the doctor and he called you in some Amoxicillin.  The same day you started it your cold developed into croup, which the antibiotic wouldn't treat but they wanted you to stay on it to prevent you from getting anything else.  You were pretty pitiful.  None of your brothers have ever had croup up to this point so this was s first for me too.  A croupy cough has a very distinct sound to it.  The croup took you to your first trip to immediate care, of course you didn't cough once while we were there.

About 8 days into your 10 days you developed hives... lots of them.  They were weird as they would come and go and move all over.  I called the doc on call and they didn't want to rush into saying you were allergic to Amoxicillin but they did have us stop giving it to you.  The hives came and went for about 5 days before they went away completely.  You never seemed to mind though.  See, You had all kinds of firsts this month!

It's been another great month with you, even though you were sick through most of it.  Your smiles never stopped though.  You are such a kind baby and this momma loves you more than I could ever put into words.  Love you little man!!!

This is how you looked when they started

This is when they were the worst!  You were
still smiling though!  

This is your world... sorry kiddo!  :)

I think you're going to be just as obsessed with
technology as your brothers are!  I guess it's 
just in your genes since Daddy works in IT.  

A bath by candlelight :-)  Such a rough life!

Bring on the Christmas celebrations! 

Lots of lip smacking and raspberries have started
too!  You look like your cousin Maddox here :)

See all those scratches on your face?  You need to get your
hands away from your face to prevent those!  

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