Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby Jam Fun!

We've had lots of fun with our Baby Jam friends over the last week!  First we went a trip to the pumpkin patch.  The weather couldn't really have been much worse unless it was a complete downpour.  It was cold and misting rain the whole time we were there, except when we were walking to our cars to leave, then it was sunny and beautiful.  Oh well.  We still had a great time.  It's always a good time at Beasley's Orchard!
My little Ty Icicle!

Andrew... love him!

Alli was a little shy with her pumpkin, but still so cute!

The Baby Jam Gang plus a friend, who we'd love to have back!  

The Baby Jam kiddos

Case Ty and James
I'm pretty sure Case is forbidden from being within 100 feet
of a John Deere but alas, here he is :)

Sarah and James

Steph and JJ... I think Steph was a LITTLE cold!

Case and Andrew

Even more (warmer) fun was had at our annual Baby Jam Birthday Celebration.  We decided to do one big party each year because all the birthdays are so close together.  This year Tracey had the brilliant idea to draw names.  This was GREAT!  I think every kid loved the toy they got.  I know Case did... he hasn't stopped sleeping with it yet.  So this year we did things a little different.  We let someone else do all the work.  We went to Chuck E Cheese.  Total chaos but still fun to see the kids with their eyes as wide as saucers playing all the games.  I just hope we are able to drive by without fits being thrown now!

Yep, Case sleeps with his ATV every night... not quite the soft
snuggly toy most kids take to bed I guess!

It's always fun to have Max and his mommy back!!!

Case and Sage... Sage was not impressed!  

All the birthday kiddos and Chuck E Cheese

I do NOT know what I'd do without these kids and their mamas   I can't believe we've been together for almost 3 years!  It seems like we were all just sitting around bottle feeding our babies and letting them nap ON US and now there's 3 additional kiddos and our babies are 3!  Crazy!!!   Case was looking at a picture of some of my friends on Facebook and asked who they were.  I told him they were my friends, to which he replied, "I like MY friends.  They're cool!"  Well said, Case, well said!

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Sara said...

Love this post and love you and your boys! Lucky to have you in our lives:)