Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Case's First Train Ride

Case LOVES trains and Daddy and I LOVE watching him with his trains so we were really excited for his first real train ride.  It turns out May 5 was National Train Day so what better day for us to go???  There is a neat transportation museum in the middle of a park in Noblesville, IN.  The train left from there and took us to Fishers where we were supposed to have time for an ice cream but this was their first ride of the season and it didn't go as quickly as they had planned so we just got off the train for a couple minutes and then back on to go back (don't worry we got you ice cream on the way home).  It was so much fun watching his eyes light up with each new experience. 

Watching our train arrive

loved these old leather seats!

This picture reminds me SO much of his baby pictures!!

He even had to have his ticket punched...

ticket to the conductor

The train pretty much drives down the middle
of the street in Fishers.  It was really neat!

Love this picture... it was pure accident but
so cool!

Gotta get our ticket punched on the way home too!

See you got ice cream... now let's talk about
how you should always eat your ice cream
from the top down... random bites out of
the cone don't end well.

This was such a fun day that I don't ever want to forget!!!

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