Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ty - 9 Months

Dear Ty,
I'm sorry... 9 months... really?  I can't stand it.  You're growing up SO fast!  It feels like just yesterday you were a little lump of baby asleep on my chest and not doing much more than that.  Now you are 9 months old and everywhere!  Here's what we learned about you at your 9 month appointment, in addition to the information that you are supposed to understand the word "no", which I can tell you is NOT the case:
 Weight 21lbs 10.8oz (82nd percentile)
Length 28.75 in (67th percentile)
Head Circumference 46.75cm (92nd percentile)

Sleeping:  You are sleeping better.  You still go down around 8:30 and you've been making it to 6, which the doctor tells me is a reasonable time for you to get up.  Clearly medicine has come a long way since he graduated.  6 AM definitely does NOT feel reasonable to me!  You are usually pretty good to stay in your crib and play with your glowing seahorse and your mobile, which I am pretty sure isn't even supposed to be in there anymore since you can stand up and make it spin all on your own.  Who needs batteries?  Dare I say that I miss the days when you would get up at 4 or 5 and go back to sleep until 7?  Would it be wrong to encourage this behavior???

You still take 2 naps each day.  Your first nap is around 10 and lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours.  Your second nap is at about 2 and you usually sleep until almost 4 sometimes even later if you think Mommy needs to be extra productive on that day.

Eating:  You are eating about 1 to 2 jars of baby food 3 times per day and drinking 3 (ok... 4) bottles each day, two of which are 8 ounces now.  I was trying to cut down the number of bottles by increasing the amount in two of them from 6 to 8 ounces.  That backfired because you're still drinking the same number but getting more at two feedings.  We'll figure this eating thing out at some point!

The doctor has cleared you for table food... or people food... or whatever you're supposed to call the food that isn't blended into liquid anymore.  I told Daddy that Dr. Freeman said this at your appointment and when I came home from being out late that night Daddy informed me that you really like Dilly Bars.  I'm guessing that isn't what Dr. Freeman had in mind but good to know.  You've had bits of crackers, cheerios, puffs, yogurt melts, anything else Daddy has hooked you up with that I don't know about, and who knows how many sheets of paper.  That's right.  You must have some sort of deficiency in your diet because you LOVE paper.  Cardboard, ruled, computer... doesn't matter.  You love it all!

Toys:  You love your walking toys!  You also like playing with anything that will aggravate your brother because he is already playing with it.  "NO, NO, NO, Tybee!" is what we hear over and over again anytime you get within 10 feet of whatever Case might be playing with.  Odds are he's right.  You are usually headed that direction to "help" him play.  Right now he can fight you off but I'm pretty sure those tables are going to turn when you really get good at biting.  Yes, biting.  You might turn out to be a cannibal.  I should probably be putting this information under the food heading but here we are.  You tend to go at stuffed animals and people the same, with your mouth wide open and your 4 fangs just ready to clench down on anything you can get them around.  Most recently you were playing with Daddy and bit his nipple.  I'm not gonna lie... it was HYSTERICAL (not that I'm encouraging this behavior).  I'm pretty sure the days of being kicked out of the church nursery and child watch at the YMCA are getting VERY close!

Back to your favorite toys... you love to play with my phone.  You also love to play catch by yourself.  I'm not lying.  It is entertaining to watch you throw something, crawl over to it, pick it up, and throw it again.  You're so funny!

Clothes:  You'll be happy to know that things are getting better in the clothes department.  You got hooked up at Christmas... you were past 9 months at Christmas and that information shouldn't be on here until your 10 month post you say?  This is reality kiddo.  Your mommy doesn't have very good time management!  You do finally have quite a few of your own, not hand me down, actually fit, clothes.  12 to 18 months seems to be your size right now but some of the pants are a little long.  Turns out you are 12 to 18 months around but not the vertical measurement.

New Things:  Wow!  I didn't realize how fast you've changed until I just went back and read your 8 month post.  So in one month you went from crawling with your belly off the ground, pulling yourself up and starting to walk along things to taking steps!  It is wild to me how fast you've taken to walking.  I should only be reporting that you've taken a few steps but again I'm late with this post and a lot happened in 2 weeks.  You are now walking the length of a room.  You aren't super steady but you can make it.  I LOVE how you stick your belly out to walk.  It must help you balance or something.  You are just so stinkin' cute I don't know what to do with you!

Your two top teeth made it through and the one to the right of your top teeth has just started poking through.  The one to the left isn't far behind.

You've also had an ENT appointment since your last post.  After having a double ear infections for pretty much 2 or 3 months straight the doctor thought it was time we saw the ENT.  He wanted to try one more antibiotic before going to tubes.  It looked like it was getting better after 4 days at your 9 month appointment. We see the ENT again next week and you have a cold again so we'll see if the ear infections are back or not. If so I'm thinking we are headed for tubes.  I just hate knowing that everything has sounded muffled to you for so long (except when Case is doing his VERY high pitched squeal... then I'm just jealous).  And the pain?  How in the world did I now know you were having these infections???  You are just a good boy and have a high pain tolerance I guess.  They seem to be bothering you more now though.  I think you've had enough!

When we were at the appointment where Dr. Freeman referred you to the ENT he asked how concerned I had been about your breathing.  WHAT???  I was there because I thought you had an ear infection... clearly I wasn't concerned enough!  You have had this weeze every morning for months.  I told them about it but they had never heard it until that day.  Suffice it to say, you had a breathing treatment before we left that day and a nebulizer was delivered to our house that afternoon.  It is just an as needed tool and you really haven't needed it that much but I'm glad we have it.  There's a possibility we might be headed for asthma.  I hope not but if you're reading this then you already know how that turned out.

So here's a look at you my love...

My little turkeys on Thanksgiving
Ty and Daddy on a tree hunt
Ty was a fan of the Christmas lights and preferred them
on the ground to on the tree!
Turns out you aren't opposed to the
taste of tinsel
Love this boy!!!
Ty with his buddies, Case and Drew
Having dinner with Bob the Dog

I love you Tybee!  I can't wait to see how much you've changed by your next post... yes, yes, I know we're already halfway there so maybe the changes won't be quite as drastic :-)


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