Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Honeycrisp Time!

Even I find it strange that I have a bit of an obsession with honeycrisp apples.  I didn't know a honeycrisp from a granny smith until last fall when Baby Jam took a tour of an apple orchard.  Is it possible I didn't blog about this trip???  I just spent forever trying to find the link to it and it doesn't exist... I only thought I was good at documenting things!  Anyways, the guide explained how popular honeycrisp apples were so I, of course, had to see what all the hype was about.  They were right... those are some good apples.  Now are they "obsession" good or are they "everyone else likes them and they tend to run out so I better get some" good?  I don't know but either way I felt the need to rush to the nearest (actually not the nearest) apple orchard to get my hands on some before they were gone.  They are good apples but when I look at them sitting next to the Dorothy Lane brownies sitting on my counter I'm not sure I remember what the excitement is all about.  At any rate we made a trip to the orchard with Andrew's family (one of Case's Baby Jam buddies) and while the apples are good I think the memories are WAY better!  We had a blast (even though there should probably be some rule against picking apples when it's 95 degrees out)!   

Case and Andrew hunting apples

discussing strategy

apparently Andrew didn't agree and Case
felt the need to defend himself

hunting Case :)

Andrew and his apples... don't even
think about messing with his apples!

Daddy making Case SUPER tall to pick the good apples!

Case, sharing with Ty

Ok... hold on... Ty's only had rice cereal a couple times!

I guess Ty isn't content with just the rice cereal anymore!

Us!  Try to overlook the sweat pouring
down my face!

We'd be dangerous if we could all look at the camera at the
same time!
My Case :)

A very happy Ty!
Two of my favorite boys

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