Thursday, September 2, 2010

Case is 10 Months!

Somehow my little tiny baby turned 10 months old two days ago. How does this happen and where does the time go???

Everyday I just can't help but think about how much fun he is. This morning I heard him making his favorite "oooh" and "aaah" noises only to find him just sitting in the bathroom. He was very entertained by just being in there making noise and thought it was so funny that I found him. I think he was trying to hide from me. I guess we have some work to do on the not making noise so they don't find you part of that game.

He's about had all that he wants of baby food now. He'll still usually eat it but would much rather eat off of your plate. His eating habits are ahead of his teeth though. He still only has the two teeth on the bottom in the middle. The doctor said his gums on top were swollen when we were there two weeks ago but I probably won't know they're in until it hurts when he bites on on both sides of my finger instead of just the bottom. He's probably the biggest beggar out there... don't think that you're going to sit down and eat anything if he isn't having some too.

His newest trick is that he LOVES playing the piano. First of all, how is he even tall enough to reach the piano??? He started this on the day he turned 10 months. I guess he thought it was time for a new trick! This makes Daddy VERY happy. It's so cute... he uses both hands. I think he is already better than me and I'm pretty sure Daddy agrees.

Case also loves to climb into the refrigerator anytime he can get there before you shut the door. It's no longer enough just to look inside... he needs to become one with the refrigerator. Even the spill out of the refrigerator that he took the other day hasn't deterred him from it. He's quite the climber!

He still loves to walk although he will only do it on his own for a few steps and totally on his terms. If he's facing me and I'm walking backwards he thinks it's funny to chase me. He can go pretty far without falling into me but he hasn't figured that out yet. Once he realizes he's walking without help he immediately sits down.

I can't believe we are two months away from his first birthday! I still find myself looking at him in awe. I can't believe God blessed me with little boy. I'm loving being his mom and spending every moment that I can with him. He keeps me busy and leaves me sleepy at the end of the day but I love every minute of my time with him!!!

Thank you God for my amazing husband and my sweet little boy! We are loving life together!!!

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