Monday, December 7, 2009

Going Home

The trip home from the hospital was an emotional one. It was so strange to me to leave the hospital actually with a baby in my arms. After one early miscarriage in February of 2007 and losing Joshua and Caleb in September of 2008, holding my living, breathing son somehow didn't feel like the norm. Since losing Joshua and Caleb I had a friend that lost her baby girl at about 24 weeks. I went to the hospital to see them and I held their beautiful little girl. That felt more normal to me than holding Case. I can't explain this feeling other than I must have just made Joshua and Caleb my norm in order to protect myself from further disappointment.

When we got home from the hospital we were very anxious to see how Tucker, our 11 year old basset hound that believes kids should be eaten and not heard, would do. We had sent some of Case's blankets home for him to smell like the dog whispers of the world tell you to do. I really don't think Tucker cared too much about Case. He was just glad we were home. Now his opinion is sure to change once Case gets to where he is mobile. We're hoping Tucker will know Case as part of our family by then and leave him alone. We'll see... he may be looking for a new home soon.

Tucker checking Case out, or trying to get Dad's attention

After the Tucker introductions, we took Case straight to the nursery. This is the nursery that belonged to our first baby, then to Joshua and Caleb, and now to Case, yet Case is the only one that ever made it to this room. It was such a blessing to hold our little boy in the nursery. We spent quite a bit of time snuggling with him in the chair. It just felt right for him to be there.

Wayne's first snuggle with Case in the nursery

My first snuggle with Case in the nursery

We again give all the glory to God for giving us the opportunity to bring one of His children home!

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Summer and Brandon said...

Poor Tucker! He has no idea what he is in for once Case gets up and about. Love the pics of Lil' Case in the nursery! Post more, post more!!!