Thursday, December 3, 2009

Case Benjamin Johnston's Birth Story

Case Benjamin Johnston
Born 10/31/09
7 pounds 11 ounces
21 inches long
Well life is significantly different from my last post on October 30, 2009. One has been over a month since I posted. I'm sorry it has taken so long to get the update on here but I never want to do just a little and finding time to do a lot is not easy right now.

Case is here and healthy. He was born on October 31, 2009. The birth didn't go quite as planned but in the end our goal was achieved. We brought a healthy little boy home so nothing else really matters.

The day I had to be admitted to the hospital was a very emotional one for me. There were a LOT of tears. It was just so bittersweet for me and I was still scared that something terrible could happen. Wayne and I headed to the hospital at 3:30 on 10/30/09 and I think I cried the entire way. When we got there the nurse was there to meet us. She knew just who we were. She showed us to our room and on the door was a sign welcoming us and the inside of the room had been decorated for us also. I lost it! We felt so incredibly special! Bobbi, the bereavement coordinator that gave Joshua and Caleb their first and only bath and someone who has been there for me throughout my grief journey, and my nurse Marlena had decorated the room. There was a balloon, streamers, ribbon, a quilt, a figurine, a card, and so much more. It was so neat!
The door to my room at the hospital

Wayne kept Facebook updated throughout the process. It made it so much fun because so many people followed our story and there were tons of comments...even at 2 in the morning. Everyone has been SO supportive! I loved getting the comment updates!!! The following is the transcript of our Facebook posts:
Beverly Johnston went to the doctor this morning. I'm dilated to almost 3 now. I will be admitted to the hospital at 4 this afternoon. They'll start the Cervidil and tomorrow, God willing, will end with a perfect little boy in my arms! I'm excited and nervous and I don't know what else at this point. Please continue praying for Case to get here safely. Thanks for ALL the love and support!!! We'll keep you all updated!
October 30 at 10:00am

Beverly Johnston In the hospital now. Bobbi and Marlena have decorated our room - it's SO cute. I love them! I'm hooked up to the monitors, and answering a million questions. The monitor says I'm having mild contractions every 2-3 minutes (barely feel 'em... must be early). And Case's heartbeat is strong and he's moving all about. God is GOOD!!
October 30 at 4:58pm

Beverly Johnston Doc just stopped in. Says I've got a good pattern with the contractions about 2-2.5 minutes apart and that Case could still come tonight. They'll check later to see if I need Cervidil, but it may not be necessary... more later.
October 30 at 6:13pm

Beverly Johnston Started Cervidil at about 7pm... everything still looks the same, same rate of contractions, same heartrate for Case... just laying back playing a game of Bid-Euchre with mom, dad, and Wayne.
October 30 at 8:24pm

Beverly Johnston Gonna try to get some sleep... g'night
October 30 at 10:12pm

Beverly Johnston Well, not too much to report... the contractions feel like they've gotten a little stronger and Case has stayed active. The bed is less than comfortable and the belts holding the monitors on are starting to feel tight. Ahhhhh... well, this is the 2am report. :)
October 31 at 2:02am

Beverly Johnston Good morning! Contractions are getting a little stronger. I got a little sleep, maybe an hour or so, and some little catnaps. Marlena should be here now, so I'm gonna go out and see if I can find her. :)
October 31 at 6:10am

Beverly Johnston Took a walk with Wayne, a few laps around the ward. Saw Mar and she's getting everything ready for me to start the Pitocin drip. Guess we're gonna get this show on the road!!
October 31 at 6:30am

Beverly Johnston Mar checked me and my cervix has softened so the Cervidil worked. I've dilated to an easy 2. Took a shower and now it's time to go to Pitocin Land. Praying I can handle the increased contractions. Thanks to everyone for following us through this!!!! Hopefully it won't be too long now (at least that's what I'm going to tell myself for now:-).
October 31 at 7:11am

Beverly Johnston The doc just broke my water. She said that it was clear and looked good. Yay!!
October 31 at 10:02am

Beverly Johnston Well I am in active labor two minutes apart and 8 out of 10 for pain. Each contraction is a step closer to our little boy.
October 31 at 11:42am

Beverly Johnston Just had an epidural. Feeling SOOOO much better now!! 75% effaced, dilated to a good 4, almost 5. Mar says he could be here sooner rather than later!! ("sooner" = 4 hours or so)
October 31 at 12:46pm

Beverly Johnston Kickin' up the Pitocin a bit as the epidural has a slight slowing effect. Watching her for the next couple hours to see the progress. Case seems to be cooperating just fine.
October 31 at 2:17pm

Beverly Johnston Haven't made any progress regarding dilation. Waiting a little while to see if anything starts happening. If 4pm comes along with no progress, we will have to do C-section. Prayers PLEASE!! Pray for God's will do be done in this!
October 31 at 3:33pm

Beverly Johnston I'm in scrubs, with the mask and cafeteria lady net on my head... we're going in. Gonna be a BABY here soon!!!
October 31 at 4:03pm

Beverly Johnston Case Benjamin Johnston... born @ 4:31pm. 21" long - 7 lbs. 11 oz. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! God is SOOO GOOD!!! Thank you, Lord! Thank you to all of you who kept up with us on here and ESPECIALLY for all of the prayers!
October 31 at 5:32pm

Beverly Johnston Today we meet with the "lactation specialist" and make sure that the car seat is fitted correctly to Case. We're scheduled to go home tomorrow. We're getting nervous about leaving the comfort and support we've found here at the hospital, yet very excited about getting all of us back into our home! Thanks to EVERYONE that visited - we love all of you and have been praising God everyday for all of our blessings.
November 2 at 9:57am

Beverly Johnston Starting to pack up the room. It was a little hard to say goodbye to Marlena this morning when she came by but I know that taking her or Bobbi home isn't an option. My doctor came in this morning and said I was good to go. We're waiting for the pediatrician to discharge Case and then one more visit with lactation and we're free to go. We still a little shocked that they are actually going to let us leave with him!
November 3 at 9:49am

Beverly Johnston is home with my amazing husband and my beautiful new son. We took him straight to the nursery. We've waited a long time to hold a baby in that nursery and I can't explain how right it feels! God has given me so much more than I deserve and I'm completely overwhelmed by His gifts!!
November 3 at 2:04pm
I labored for a long time and when it came down to it the doctor just didn't think it was worth putting Case or me at risk and that is when she recommended a C-Section. I really didn't want to go that route but I have complete trust in Dr. Fenoughty so I knew it was the best thing for me and for Case.

They typically only allow one person to be in the operating room with you but they made a special exception for my mom to join us. I was glad her and Wayne could both be there. Another great surprise was that Bobbi showed up just before I was to go into the OR. It was her birthday and she came to see me. I was very touched by this but even more special was that since she is an RN at the hospital they let her scrub in for the surgery too. I couldn't believe it. All the people that played such a huge role in the delivery of Joshua and Caleb were there with me when Case was born too. I had my doctor, Dr. Fenoughty, my nurse, Marlena, Bobbi, Wayne, and my mom. I can't explain the blessing that this was for me because I was really scared to go through it all alone. God certainly surrounded me with lots of support!

Mom and Wayne waiting outside the OR

Mom, Bobbi, and Wayne

Wayne and Marlena

I can't explain how scary it was to lay on that table with what must have been 15 people scurrying around preparing the room and me. My mom and Wayne had to wait in the hall until everything was prepped. I was glad to see them when they got in there. The C-Section went really quickly. It was about 15 minutes from the time they began to hearing Case's first cry. The feelings when I heard him for the first time are indescribable. Seeing him was even more special. I will NEVER forget the moment I first laid eyes on him. It was so surreal. I felt like I was watching all of this happen to someone else. He was so perfect and I couldn't believe he was here and he was mine. It was a just a very intense moment of relief and comfort. Wayne got to really see him for the first time and it was beautiful to watch Wayne bent over Case's warmer and they just starred at each other. Case was so wide-eyed and seemed to be thinking "hey I think I know you" as he looked at his daddy for the first time. They let Wayne bring him over to me once they were done checking him out and had him all bundled. Case and I just starred at each other. It was AMAZING!
Welcome to the world Case!

Headed to the warmer and for a check up

Daddy's first chance to hold Case

My first up close view of Case

Case and Dr. Fenoughty

Case's first kiss!

Wayne, Bobbi, and Case

Happy Birthday Bobbi and Case!!!

Case and his Marlena!

Our first snuggle!

My little pumpkin and me

I have so much more that I need to share, especially for all you moms out there that are embarking on your own pregnancy journey after a loss. My experience with Case has had its ups and downs, but the ups are so much higher than the downs. I love him more and more everyday. I'll post more details about life with Case later but let me just end with this... God is an amazing God and has given me more blessings than I can comprehend over the last 5 weeks!


Summer and Brandon said...

Thank you for sharing this was us. Case is so beautiful and God is so good. I can't wait to read more updates as Case continues to grow! You are a wonderful mommy Bev!

CoreyTina&boys said...

I just found your video on you tube and read your blog. It lead me to this new blog and I see you have a baby, healthy and darling! Congrats! God does work in mysterious ways. I believe there 2 big reasons we come into this earth, is to gain a body, and to learn to have faith in god! I'm so happy for you, my heart is full just thinking about it! Congrats! ~Tina Mitchell

Ambir said...

I was looking for a song to send to a friend from YouTube and I came across your very sad but touching tribute to your little boys you lost. It lead me to your story about them .. and lead me here. With tears in my eyes and a smile on my face I say congratulations. You have your sweet little boy. I know your other children you have had to give up so early on this earth are close by and you will see them again soon. God certainly is good and he has taught you a lot. I am so humbled to have read your story and see how you have come to deal with everything that has come your way. God Bless you, Wayne and Case and the rest of your family and Loved ones.

Bev Johnston said...

Tina and Ambir,
Thank you SO much for your comments! I can't tell you what it means to me when I hear that people have watched the boys video or visited their website and then got to see the blessing in our life now. I continue to be amazed by what God has done for us and I LOVE being able to share it with the world. He is amazing! Thank you for taking the time to post!!!

Simply Curious said...

I found your blog through youtube and I have to give you a HUGE congratulations! Your story has touched my heart in a way that no baby loss and or gain story, EVER has. I think you may have just given me the itch... And I was so trying to avoid it. I know you don't know me, but I'm still so ecstatic to see how far you've come. Such a strong woman and family... My heart, really does reach out. I'm gushing... sorry. It's just too beautiful to limit to a few words. May you and your have all the happiness in this world. And when times get touch, may the twins lift you up and let you down as light as a feather... feeling strong and renewed. Only good times.

Anonymous said...

I was looking through you tube videos of 7 week ultrasounds, and i came across your blog and spent the last 3 hours reading through everything that you and your family have been through. I have sat here in amongst my children and sobbed as I read your story! Then I came across this one where had a healthy gorgeous little boy! I am so happy for you guys! You guys have stayed strong and have put your Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! That shows in your writing