Monday, June 22, 2009

20 Weeks 6 Days

20 weeks 6 days is the day in the pregnancy with Joshua and Caleb that they were born. They came silently into this world. There were no cries or whimpers. Just silence. Today I am 20 weeks and 6 days pregnant with Dotson. Something about knowing this point in the pregnancy was coming has been hard. It was a bit of a difficult morning for me but my extremely loving husband made himself late to work so that he could listen to the baby on the Doppler with me and so we could spend a few minutes praying for strength and a healthy baby. Dotson has been good to me today. He’s made himself known on several occasions. I guess it’s been his way of saying “momma, don’t worry about me…I’m just fine…see I’m dancing.” I feel so much joy every time I feel his movements (even the ones where it feels like he is kicking my cervix with some sort of constant rhythm making me feel like I have to pee at about the same intervals).

I am just overwhelmed with joy about this little boy and getting through today will put as at the 21 week mark, a mark we never reached with Joshua and Caleb. I guess my point to all this is really for all the other mommy’s with babies they never got to hear cry. This day was harder than others, in fact this whole week has been a little scarier for me than the rest but the joy that it has been far outweighs the difficult parts. I praise God everyday for this little boy that continues to grow inside of me and I thank Him for every second that I get with Dotson. My hope is in the fact that I will get to watch this little boy grow into a man that loves and serves the Lord with my husband by my side but my faith and trust are in God because He has shown me over and over that He will carry me through whatever tomorrow brings.


Summer and Brandon said...

Bev that was beautiful. It sounds like Dotson is already a very sweet little man. I pray often for the Lord to give you stength and to watch Mr. Dotson. I just can't thank you enough for blogging during this pregnancy. I think it will give a lot of women hope of brighter days. Love ya!

Hollingsworth's said...

Same here! I think Dotson is a very loved little boy by both efveryone who knows about him and our all powerful God. I am glad to have you and Wayne as friends. We pray for you, Wayne, and Dotson every night. He is very special and so is your family. Have a great weekend. We seriously need to get together soon. :)