Saturday, August 23, 2008

We've Picked the "theme" for the Nursery

Nursery Theme: "My First ABC"

It has been a busy "baby" weekend so far. We registered at Babies R Us today and we selected the nursery theme in the process. It's a somewhat different direction than we had started with - but we found that we just really like the ABC theme and it really opened the color palette up beyond just blue and brown, though both of those colors are still dominant in the set.

We also registered for car seats, a stroller, bottles, blankets, a "feeding chair", bath-time stuff, and so much more. There were 15 pages of stuff and we're just sure that we missed some very crucial items that we won't even know about until two screaming baby boys point it out (probably around 2:30 in the morning at that). We found a stroller that we liked that was on clearance and bought it. It's a Graco DuoGlider and matches the infant car seats we registered for. It will accept both of the car seats directly onto the stroller so it will be so easy to travel - I think this is what they call a travel system, but I'm not sure.

We also, before we left for a day of baby shopping, put together 2 bassinets and a swing that were gifts from 'Eli Lilly'. (uh... that means that Scott and Diana had accumulated some "points" from work and used those points to purchase some baby furniture - Thanks!!!)

So... we are both worn out from a very packed day. Hopefully I can put more up here as soon as I remember what it was that I wanted to tell you.

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