Sunday, August 3, 2008

Doctor Appointment Notes

I had my scheduled appointment with my OB, Dr. Fenoughty, on Friday afternoon. Here is the latest scoop:
  • She listened to the hearbeats. They were 139 and 147. She said it should be easy to use the doppler since their heartbeats are so different. This way we'll easily be able to tell them apart by bpm's. As she was listening to the second one, he kicked the microphone. It was funny :-)
  • She confirmed my severe "placenta brain," as they call it. It is apparently an ongoing joke in their office. It is where the babies are just sucking my brains out. I don't remember anything anymore. Wayne used to rely on me to remember details and things but now we are relying on him...we are in so much trouble. I have locked myself out of the house, and I can't remember things from one second to the next. I'm a little nervouse about going back to work with my forgetfullness.
  • She felt my belly and confirmed what I thought, both babies are on the right side of my stomach. She said that is probably where my placenta is. The top of my belly has felt much bigger and she said my uterus has already moved everything up, causing the top of my belly to expand.
  • She said I have a 50/50% chance of ending up on bedrest. These odds are better than I thought so I was happy with this.
  • She told me to schedule my maternity leave to begin on January 5, the day we return from Christmas break. She said "if you make it that far, you'll be ready to get those babies out and won't feel like going back to work.
  • She said that our periontologist (high risk OB) will probably decide at my next appointment whether she will cut me loose to just work with my regular OB or if we are going to continue the "shared care".
  • She said we should schedule our birthing classes for sometime before 28 weeks. Wayne and I got carried away on this. Wayne loves learning and I love learning about my babies so we signed up for all of the following classes:
  1. Labor and Birth prep
  2. C-Section prep (the doctor told me to take this just in case)
  3. Breastfeeding with Ease ( Ease? yeah right, with two)
  4. Happiest Baby on the Block (soothing fussy baby)
  5. Newborn Basics
  6. CPR/First Aid for babies
  7. IU Hospital Tour (just in case we have to deliver there)
We are very enthusiastic about learning all we can before they are here, if you can't tell :-) My next appointment with the periontologist is August 14th so I will definitely update by then, if not before.

My next milestone...managing to go back to work and somehow function beginning Monday, August 11.

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