Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer 2016

A look at our 2016 summer vacation...
Knox wore a baseball helmet much of the time, which made
me think of Rick Moranis in Spaceballs all of the time.  

We got some boat rides and some cousin time in

Ty went fishing with Daddy at Eagle Creek

We hungout at the Mayberry Cafe

Decided this is as close as they should get to arrested.  ever.

Stayed at Santa's Cottages in Holiday World, where
they got sand embedded in their scalp and every
crevice from head to toe.

Case was tall enough to ride every ride except one.

his face mid ride was priceless!  But later in the day
he rode the Raven again and The Voyage to his repertoire.

Knox had a ball in the kids area!

Big boys rode the pirate ship and didn't puke.  Win. 
So glad Ricky and Bethy were there to take them
on the questionable rides!

Horse Camp in Lexington, KY.  
I have the most generous family ever.  Seriously!  All of the grandkids and great grandkids met at my aunt and uncles horse farm in Lexington for Horse Camp.  They started this when their grandkids were little and now they are the "camp counselors".  It was a blast for the second year in a row!  
Camp day one.  Kick of meeting.

The camp crew

Ty riding

Knox riding

Knox riding in the cart

more of the crew

They even have organized events.  For this one they had to build a shelter that someone could sit in side.  First team done won.  



at the end both teams joined forces.

 Ty mucked stalls

Case mucked stalls (more reluctantly than Ty)

Knox rode a horse in his jammies.

lots and lots of swimming

and a little relaxation

Case completed his first chapter book by himself.

We caught up with old friends... miss having this crew together.

Case finished his second season of baseball
Noah was on his team

Ty finished his first season of baseball.

Knox fell in love.

We rode Thomas the Train in Connersville, IN 

Knox thought a train ride was pretty cool!

Some of the Creason crew joined us!

We stayed in a cabin at the Wilstem Ranch and got up close
to some elephants at the Elephant Retreat.

And visited the West Baden Hotel... pretty cool!

Case and Ty shared a bed and didn't kill each other.

Went to our first Fourth of July parade in Brownsburg.  People
threw candy.  Boys were thrilled.

Had Andy over for a sleepover that included bowling...

and Orange Leaf

Visited the life size replica of Noah's Ark in Williamstown, KY

Did the zoo with Ebbett and Mrs. Allison

Knox enjoyed another train ride. 
Survived thunderstorms

Managed our first overnight date since Knox was born
Fogo de Chao... 

...Jim Gaffigan...

...and a movie with this guy.

Knox saw his first movie... Secret Life of Pets.

With Grandma, Grandpa, Case, Ty, Mommy and Lucia

Ty and I survived Kindergarten orientation... barely.
Me post kindergarten orientation... not fun.

Squeezed in Monkey Joes

And Monster Golf

And spent some time lounging around watching
movies and eating snacks.

It was a pretty great summer!  Looking forward to the next one... mostly just because I don't like sharing these guys with school!

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