Monday, March 23, 2015

Knox 7 & 8 Months

Weight: Between 15 and 20 pounds... our scale is questionable at best!

Dear Knox,
Sorry about missing your 7 month post.  Mommy just didn't get around to it.  Maybe if your mommy was capable of making these posts quick, she would have made it happen, but alas your mommy is crazy and feels as though each post should be its own dissertation.  I bet you even get bored reading these posts.  Oh well, it doesn't matter, I'm guessing this one will end up just as long as the others, so put your interested face on along with a pity smile and keep reading.  

Here's a look at you at 7 AND 8 months:

Eating:  You're a disaster!  You are picky, I mean, wouldn't eat anything that wasn't laced with bananas picky.  You're getting better but it's been a slow process.  Your favorite food by far is bananas.  Not store bought baby food bananas but straight from the produce aisle and mashed up bananas.  That's great and all but they made you super constipated!  I mean constipated like I've never seen a kid constipated before.  Somehow through most of that you stayed happy though.  You have progressed in this area and expanded your allowable repertoire to include most any fruit but as for veggies, you're not having it.  Not even sweet potatoes, well unless of course they are hidden in some type of fruit.  I still can't get you to drink out of a sippy cup and I am pretty sure I have bought one of every kind out there.  You're not interested.  
Wow!  That's gross!

Not gonna do it.  You got me once... not gonna
do it again!

I would say your very favorite (aside from homemade bananas since I had to nix those) is store bought pears (ya, you don't like those homemade... PICKY).  You're pretty tolerant of all the fruit and veggie mixtures out there though.  You love baby yogurt and dill pickles too.  Yes, dill pickles.  I don't know why but you can't seem to get enough of sucking on them.  You are getting solids three times a day.  Breakfast continues to be a challenge as you don't eat much in bottle or solids form.  When you get a bottle you never finish the whole thing unless you fall asleep while drinking it.  We've starting giving you a 6 ounce bottle when you are going to sleep because you've never increased from 5 ounces on your own.  Maybe that's fine.  I don't know.  This is ONLY my third time around you know.  While, we're on the subject of eating, you should know that you are a MESS!  I mean seriously!  I can't feed you without you putting your hands in your mouth, your bib in your mouth, chewing on your highchair, blowing raspberries, which are extra effective when you have a mouth full of food, or having you take the spoon out with your baby ninja moves.  I have never successfully fed you without you having food up your nose.  I'm not kidding.  You're the messiest eater EVER!  

You start grabbing your ears when you're sleepy.  And when you fall asleep you like to hold both of your ears.  It's so sweet!  

You nap in the morning if we're at home, otherwise it's a short catnap in the car.  You take a good afternoon nap about the same time as Ty, which is super helpful so thanks for that!  

First naked nap.  You were a fan.

Yep, still sleeping with your eyes open and still creepy!

Your overnight sleep is still unpredictable.  You are usually ready to sleep around 8.  Daddy feeds you again in your sleep around 11 and from there all bets are off.  Sometimes you make it until 7:30 (this is not the norm) other times you make it until 5 or 6 and yet other times you want to eat again at 2:00.  Unpredictable.  The good news is that you go back to sleep easily in the middle of the night so that makes me enjoy that snuggle time with you.  It's just you and me and it's quiet.  Granted I do love a good  nights sleep sans the intermissions but if I have to get up I can think of anything else I'd rather be doing than snuggling up with you in your chair.  

You are comfortable in 9 months clothes.  Still no shoes.  In fact I don't even see shoes in your future with the weather (hopefully) getting warm soon.  Socks are fine.  You are in a size 3 diaper but probably getting close to a 4.  
Ready for pictures

Toys:  You love your walker.  You like your exersaucer for a little bit and the same with your jump-a-roo.  You love to sit on the floor and have toys surrounding you.  That's probably your very favorite thing to do.  You love to chew on everything, especially your teether and your teething necklace.

New things: 
You've been regularly holding your own bottle since probably right at 7 months.

I've turned around to see you up on all fours occasionally and I'm pretty sure my face is filled with sheer terror in those moments.  What am I going to do when I can't put you down and expect you to at least be in the same room where I left you.  We haven't had to put the gate on the steps yet but I have a feeling that day isn't far off, whether you're crawling or just rolling with a purpose, that day is drawing near.  You are now working your walker like a boss!  I mean you can direct it and follow me everywhere in it.  It's so fun to watch you speed walking through the house in it, well except when I sweep up a pile and you drive through it.  That part is not so awesome. It is also a race for me to get everything I need out of the fridge before you get to it.  I usually lose and within seconds you have the thousand island dressing.  That seems to be the condiment of choice.

You now make a lovely growling sound now.  You growl when you laugh and just to make noise.  It's pretty darn cute!  You've also moved into your new big boy car seat!
First ride in your big boy carseat

First trip to Build-A-Bear.  You obviously
weren't super impressed but you like your
new elephant!

first Valentine's Day

Your Ty Ty loves you SO much!

Children's Museum

Making friends at the Children's Museum...
you really should think about keeping your
pants on, especially around new friends.
First Pacer game.  You loved it and watched it
probably even more than your big brothers did.
And yes, our seats were really as bad as they
seem to be here.  
Captain Underpants

Perfect Gentleman

First time in your car.  You stood the whole
time.  I'm sure that's super safe.  
8 months are gone and your getting dangerously close to being a year old but the memories are ones I will cherish forever.  Your smile brings so much joy to my world!  I love you so much my sweet Knocky!!!


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