Sunday, August 24, 2014

Case Started Preschool!

Case started preschool on Monday, 8/18/14.  I can't explain how weird it is to walk in and drop off your kid that you spend pretty much everyday with and to top it off I was dropping him off with a bunch of people I didn't even know.  I think this program is amazing from what I've seen so far though.  I love that they have a strong religion component to their day!  His teacher, Mrs. Whitefield, seems well educated and up to the challenge of handling 14 four year olds.  

Case hasn't started talking about the other kids much yet.  The only name he's mentioned is Isabella.  Wayne asked him what she looked like.  He said that she has brown hair and pink shoes with sparkly hearts on them.  Wayne asked him if she was wearing a pretty dress and he said, "No but I was.  But it was just a toy dress."  Oh boy, Case found the dress up clothes.  Here's to hoping that's just a phase!  

So proud of him for being so brave on his first day!!!!

My last glimpse of him before I left 

I could not be happier that he loves school so much.  I pray this is just the beginning of a love of learning for him!!

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